Mridu Mochum Bora paints this beautiful Assamese Manuscript Painting on Sachi Patra (processed tree bark). Watch the beautiful story of 'Shri Krishna Kali Daman' come to life here. Some characteristics of Assamese Manuscript paintings from a lovely article in Sahapedia by Meghna Barua - "Certain general features characterize manuscript painting of Assam. The pictorial format in such paintings is usually of horizontal progression instead of rectangular isolation with which the Mughal artists worked. Among Satriya paintings, postures are angular and the faces are in strict profile except in case of a few figures. Emphasis on contour is also a characteristic feature (Kalita 2009). Physiology and physiognomy is not taken into major consideration and the painter mostly does not attempt individualization of characters. Emphasis is given more to symmetry and movements of groups, which are dynamically presented. Perspective and the third dimension is nowhere in evidence. Successive scenes are flatly brought on the same place like those in celluloid ribbons of cinematograph."


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