Antique Style Living Room Paintings for Sale

Transform your home with our Memeraki collection of folk art for living spaces.

A Tranquil Tree of Life: Mata Ni Pachedi Painting by Chandrakant Bhulabhai

Skilled artist Chandrakant Bhulabhai's Mata Ni Pachedi breathes life into the ancient traditions of the Vaghera community, beautifully blending artistry and cultural significance. The vivid...

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Tree of Life: Kalamkari painting by Sudheer

Sudheer portrays a vibrant and timeless Tree of Life, set against a radiant yellow backdrop that symbolises warmth, light, and positivity. At the heart of...

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Cultural Canopy:Gond Painting by Venkat Shyam

Venkat Shyam portrays the Gond culture's deep reverence for the interconnectedness of all life forms and the harmony that can exist between humanity and nature....

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Ferocious Fauna: Gond painting by Venkat Shyam

Venkat Shyam portrays striking Gond artwork where tigers are depicted with exquisite attention to detail, their sleek bodies and piercing eyes conveying both strength and...

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Eternal Union: The Kalamkari Epic of Vishnu and Lakshmi, Kalamkari Painting by Siva Reddy

Siva Reddy's portrayal of the divine union of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi unfolds in a mesmerising tableau, a harmonious dance of colours and intricate...

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Reflective Reverie : Reflective wonder Thikri Artwork by Vinayak Art Glass inlay Handicrafts

Vinayak Art glass inlay handicrafts portray a mesmerizing form of craft, a botanical masterpiece, where the artist has meticulously crafted a radiant plant using the...

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Dance of Love: Immersive Radha Krishna Rasleela Pattachitra by Apindra Swain

Witness the magic of the Mandapa Pattachitra, where storytelling transcends boundaries with this Radha Krishna Rasleela Pattachitra on a Wooden Plate. This extraordinary art form,...

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Enlightened Radiance: Circles of Enlightenment Kalamkari Painting by Siva Reddy

Siva Prasad Reddy portrays the spiritual essence of Lord Buddha emanating from the canvas, captivating the viewer with its serene and profound presence. At the...

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Dancing Ganesha: Kalamkari Painting by Harinath.N

In this enchanting painting, Nritya Ganapati is depicted with his arms and legs gracefully posed, holding his broken tusk, an axe, and a noose. The...

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A World in Nest: Thangka Painting by Krishna Tashi Palmo

Talented artist Krishna Tashi Palmo's Thangka Painting transports into a world where nature's wisdom meets human existence. In this mesmerizing artwork, intricate patterns and vibrant...

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Flower Girls, Kerala Mural Painting by Adarsh

Adarsh's Kerala Mural painting of Flower Girls is a masterpiece that captures the essence of traditional Hindu customs and beliefs. With painstaking attention to detail,...

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Buddha, Kerala Mural Painting by V.M Jijulal

Renowned artist V.M. Jijulal's Kerala Mural Painting beautifully captures the essence of Gautam Buddha, a revered ancient Indian spiritual teacher whose profound message of peace...

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