"The Babu Biwi series of Kalighat Art"

Step into the joyous world of Babu and Bibi's Kalighat paintings, filled with love and tradition.

Babu and Bibi in Kalighat Art by Bapi Chitrakar

Refined artist Bapi Chitrakar's Kalighat artwork, 'Babu and Bibi,' vividly portrays a harrowing narrative of violence and oppression. This striking artwork unveils a distressing scene,...

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Babu and Bibi: A Tale of Joyful Connection A Kalighat Painting by Sonali Chitrakar

Sonali Chitrakar portrays a vibrant painting of domestic moments between Babu and Bibi. The artwork showcases a harmonious blend of vibrant colours and cultural elements...

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A Kaleidoscope of Care and Concern: The Timeless Charm Kalighat by Manoranjan Chitrakar

This Colorful Babu Hukka Time Handpainted in Kalighat Style Patua Painting is a testament to the enduring legacy of Kalighat Patua Painting, which continues to...

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Cherished Moments of Babu and Bibi:Kalighat painting by Manoranjan Chitrakar

Manoranjan Chitrakar portrays a moment of profound connection and affection between the couple, highlighting the rich artistic traditions of Bengal. The Babu, dressed in resplendent...

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Floral Gestures of Affection: A Kalighat Painting by Uttam Chitrakar

Uttam Chitrakar paints this Kaliighat painting of a charming scene unfolding under the shade of a majestic tree. A Bengali Babu, adorned in traditional attire,...

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Moments of Husband and Wife:Kalighat painting by Manoranjan Chitrakar

Manoranjan Chitrakar portrays an endearing Kalighat painting with a glimpse into the intimate world of Babu and Biwi, a married couple from a bygone era....

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Dancing Lovers handpainted in Kalighat style by Manoranjan Chitrakar

Manoranjan Chitrakar paints two lovers in this bengal pattachitra. He portrays the beauty in simple human experiences through his paintings while also shining a light...

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