"Exploring Ancient Art: The Story of Kalamkari"

Explore the fascinating stories of Kalamkari paintings, painted with beautiful details and vibrant colors.

Anand Shayanam: Kalamkari Painting by Harinath.N

Harinath's artistic talent is showcased in this captivating Kalamkari painting of Anand Shayanam, the blissful reclining form of Lord Vishnu. In this artwork, Lord Vishnu...

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Ashta Lakshmi: Kalamkari Painting by Harinath.N

Harinath N. skillfully captures the essence of tradition in this mesmerizing Kalamkari painting, portraying the divine Ashta Lakshmi, a revered group of eight manifestations of...

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Buddha in Viktara Mudra Kalamkari Painting by Siva Reddy

Maestro Siva Reddy's "Buddha in Viktara Mudra" in Kalamkari Painting is a mesmerizing piece that captures the essence of Lord Buddha in profound tranquility. Seated...

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Buddha Under Bodhi Tree Kalamkari Painting by Siva Reddy

Renowned artist Siva Reddy's Kalamkari Painting, "Buddha Under Bodhi Tree," transports the viewers to a pivotal moment in history and spirituality. This piece vividly captures...

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Celestial Odyssey: Lord Ganesh's Journey in Kalamkari by Harinath.N

Harinathji portrays a captivating Kalamkari painting in which Lord Ganesh, the beloved elephant-headed deity, takes centre stage within a resplendent circular canvas adorned with intricate...

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Dancing Ganesha: Kalamkari Painting by Harinath.N

In this enchanting painting, Nritya Ganapati is depicted with his arms and legs gracefully posed, holding his broken tusk, an axe, and a noose. The...

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Arboreal grace: Divinity in the timber, Kalamkari painting by Harinath.N

Harinath portrays the ancient artistry of India, depicting a serene and enchanting scene of Lord Krishna sitting beneath a majestic tree, surrounded by adoring women...

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Divine Melodies: Lord Krishna in Kalamkari Splendour, Kalamkari painting by Harinath.N

Harinath ji's  portrayal unfolds on a canvas of rich, textured fabric, where vibrant colours blend harmoniously with intricate details, creating a visual masterpiece. At the...

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Ganesha with Devotees Kalamkari Painting by Siva Reddy

Eminent artist Siva Reddy's Kalamkari Painting, "Ganesha with Devotees," transports the viewers into a world where spirituality meets artistry. With a lineage dating back to...

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