Buy Recording : ONLINE ZARDOSI WORKSHOP WITH HAFEEZ UDDIN ( with materials )

Beginner Friendly Materials Included


 This workshop is now over and you can buy the recording. This was done in one class of two hours over zoom - adult or children above 12 years can join 

About the artform : Zardosi is a form of embroidery that has its roots in Persia. It was introduced in India in the 16th century under the patronage of the Mughal rulers. In literal terms, ‘zar’ means gold and ‘dozi’ means embroidery, which translates to gold embroidery. It is a fine technique which adds a touch of royalty to the fabrics. To make these elaborate designs, the thread is held with a finger at the reverse of the fabric and the aari, a needle with a sharp point, is held on the top.

About the artist : Hafeez Uddin ji is a traditional Zardosi artist and learnt the craft as a child under the guidance of his father Wafat Uddin. He has been honoured with the prestigious State Award in 2013. Among his many other awards is one recognising his contribution to the development of Zardosi embroidery work. He has exhibited his works in numerous exhibitions across India since 1998.

The following materials will be sent in the art kit for this workshop:

  • Embroidery Frame 8 * 8 inch
  • Raw Silk Red (42" * 39")
  • Kora Golden color
  • Dobka
  • Gijai Golden color
  • Nakshi
  • Neddle No.9
  • Thread White Color       

 We hope you can join us to support the arts and artists.

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