Teej ka Mandana, Mandana Painting by Vidya Devi Soni

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Vidya Soni - MeMeraki.com Vidya Soni
Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 1.2 (ft) W: 0.9 (ft) I H: 14 (in) W: 11 (in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Paper

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This Mandana painting is an illustration of Teej Ka Mandana by Vidya Devi Soni. This is a Mandana painting for celebrating Teej. The festival of Teej is associated with fertility and hence it is celebrated by women with great enthusiasm in India. The mandana art is used in such celebrations as it symbolises fortune and protection against bad omens. Mandana Paintings are associated with celebrations, holy occasions and auspicious rituals. The flower motifs or Shubh Manglik are associated with good luck.

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    Vidya Soni

    Vidya Devi Soni of Bhilwara began learning at the age of six under the guidance of her father, Shri Badri Lal, and mother, Smt Sumitra. Mandana refers to 'drawing' in the sense of chitra mandana or 'drawing a picture' in the local language. She still practises this traditional Indian art form at the age of 73 and was given the National Merit Award in 2017.


    Art Form


    Mandana Paintings, one of the oldest forms of tribal art of India is predominantly done by the Meena community in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. One of the incredible feats of Mandana art is that it isn’t taught through mere formal training but passed along as girls learn it by observing and emulating their mothers. In a way, it is seen as a skill that has connected women over generations.  These paintings are often seen on walls and floors of rural mud houses, keeping the place ornamental. The theme differs from animals such as peacocks and elephants to wells and water bodies. Even without colour, it portrays a distinctive and diverse design that binds several generations together. Some believe that making these on the entrance of homes while serving its decorative attribute, also protects the home from evil. It has religious and auspicious significance as seen on major Indian festivals when it embellishes houses just like Rangoli art. It wards off wicked energies while manifesting divinity.