Setting the stage for women in india - the first woman to rule Delhi was Razia Sultan, in the 13th century. Her father Iltutmish, ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, had named her the successor, but some nobles, alarmed at the prospect of a woman ruler, put her brother on the throne. He proved incompetent, and in 1236, Razia became Sultan . A feminist of her times -she insisted on being called “Sultan”, because  “Sultana” meant the wife of the ruler. She held an open court and dressed like a man, because living in purdah made it difficult to be in control. She governed ably, rode at the frontline in battle, and wrote poetry. Promoted education -Nasiriya college, established by Iltutmish, flourished during her three-and-a-half-year reign.

Help us and our miniature artist Mohan tell these stories of amazing Indian women with the eco leather tote.


  • Length 15 inches, height 12 inches
  • Tan Eco Leather (Made in an environmentally sustainable way and may change colour slightly over time as it absorbs the sheen of your skin) 
  • Lining inside , metal fittings
  • Metal feet
  • 2 internal pockets with chain , two small pockets without chain