Paint Srinathji Mukharvind on a authentic P-TAL platter

Beginner To Intermediate Level Materials Included
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Sun, June 11 2023, 10:30 AM (IST)
Beginner To Intermediate
Materials Included
Hindi/English (Our Community Manager is present to Help Live Translate)
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About the Workshop +

Online  Pichwai Workshop with Master Artist Jayesh Sharma in collaboration with P-TAL

DATE: 11th June, 2023 TIME: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Availability: Limited spot for only the first 15 signups as we want everyone to get the best out of this workshop by providing balanced attention to each.

Price with materials: INR 3499 and discounted to 2799 for the first 10 signups (Materials: Brass Platter, Art paper, Traced artwork, Carbon Paper, Acrylic Colours, Brushes, Varnish and inclusive of P-TAL's exclusive brass platter with a listed price of INR1550)

Join us for an intimate and authentic workshop in collaboration with P-TAL with Master Artist Jayesh Sharma from Nathdwara, Jayesh ji's family have been the custodians of this art for over 300 years! 

We will be painting this beautiful Srinathji Mukharbin on one of the authentic handcrafted Brass Platters from P-TAL. Attendees will be provided with the basic sketch too that can easily be traced on the platter so this workshop is great for beginners too. You will be learning the painting techniques in Pichwai art, along with the stories and significance of colours. The materials for this workshop include a beautiful 12 inch large brass platter from P-TAL (listed price INR 1550 for the platter) as well as colours and varnish. The workshop will also be accompanied with a small display of the master artists artworks (available for purchase) 

About P-TAL: P-TAL aims at reviving the dying craft form of the indigenous Thathera community of Jandiala Guru, Amritsar, who have the distinction of practising India’s only UNESCO listed craftform. The Thatheras of Jandiala Guru are a community of skilled craftsmen who specialize in the traditional technique of hammering brass and copper sheets into traditional utensils. This crafts colony of Jandiala Guru was established during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1883), the great 19th century Sikh Monarch, who encouraged skilled crafters from Kashmir to settle in the heart of his kingdom in Punjab. P-TAL aims at reviving the languishing craft of Thatheras all across India through a three faceted approach: institutionalisation of artisans, design development and training, and market access through modern techniques. Just like the Thatheras, P-TAL is an epitome of transforming tradition into trend while converting practice into perfection thus moulding the vessels of hope!

Key Takeaways +

Sketching, Painting & Detailing

Final Artwork

Painting on P-Tal

What will I get in my Art Kit?+

Brass Platter (P-TAL's exclusive brass platter with a listed price of INR1550), Art paper, Traced artwork, Carbon Paper, Acrylic Colours, Brushes, Varnish 

Can I get the Art Kit shipped outside India?+

We ship worldwide, shipping charges of 2000 INR are applicable for international orders. Our Prices are inclusive of GST/Taxes. No additional charges are applicable for domestic deliveries.

What materials do I need to prepare in Advance? +