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This workshop is now complete. You can buy the recordings only or recordings as well as the art kit.

This will be 3 classes of two-hours each (total 6 hours) and will be conducted over Zoom - adults or children above 12 years can join.

Tanjore paintings are created with real gold foil (22k Gold).

Sanjay Tandekar, a traditional Tanjore painting artist from  will guide you with the process and techniques during the workshop.

This is a beginner friendly workshop and the following steps will be covered in this 3 day workshop

  • Tracing ,coloring and shading techniques
  • Single layer cone work
  • Gold foil work

The materials mentioned will be shipped once you register for the workshop if you choose the option for recording with materials.

  • Muckboard (8/10 inches) - this is the traditional board made by the artist for Tanjore art (we will not be covering making the board in the workshop)
  • Gold foil sheets (real)- 8 sheets
  • Arabic gum (brown color) -  approx. 350 ml
  • Drop shaped stones (not real) approximately 2 for decoration
  • Chalk powder -approx. 500 gm
  • Artwork and tracing paper
  • Red/Yellow carbon paper
  • Plastic sheet to make cones
  • Fevicol- small bottle (100-125 ml)
  • Plastic to make cones
  • Cello Tape 
  • Paper cutter
  • Gold Color (Acrylic metallic)- approx. 10-20ML

At your end please also have the following materials:

  • Thread to tie the cone 
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Poster colours (acrylic colours are also ok but poster colors are preferred) and colour pallete
  • Brushes 
  • A smooth silky material cloth- small piece just to pat the gold foil when pasting it
  • Please have a hair dryer with you so that the cone work can dry quickly in the first workshop and we can start the gold foil work

 We hope you can join us to support the arts and artists.

Terms and conditions:

  • This workshop has now been concluded and you can purchase the recordings for this workshop to practice in your own time (two recordings for two sessions)
  • Recording will be accessible with the same email address that you signup with - we will send you a google drive link within24 hours of your purchase
  • No materials will be included if you select the option for recording only
  • Please don't select COD as the payment option for workshops and please pay via our payment gateway