Sustainability Series: Upcycle Old newspapers into a Wall Toran with Warli Art

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About the Workshop +




This will be a two hours each for beginners and will be conducted over Zoom  - adults or children above 8 years can join.  In this workshop we will learn to create a beautiful wall toran using old newspapers and other materials.

About the Artist: Our Team Member Vishakha who is a sustainability enthusiast and a design graduate from NID will be leading this workshop.

At your end please keep the following ready

  • Waste newspaper
  • Any old fabrics
  • Natural flowers and leaves as colours
  • Coffee powder, tea leaves etc for staining
  • Brushes, stapler or masking tape
  • Threads or thin ropes
  • Any decorative items like beads, small mirrors etc if have spare or can use from old discarded products

Traditional Indian handicraft manufacturing is not just a creative aesthetic endeavour, but also a social and economic activity. It is an essential part of Indian cultural heritage. Traditional handicraft, being the primary mode of production in the pre-industrial age, has a wealth of knowledge about traditional cultural norms that express the distinct cultural meaning and value of traditional culture. The traditional handicraft sector plays an essential role in both cultural and aesthetic growth as well as economic development. In today’s time, it helps in improving the lives of ethnic communities who continue to practice their hereditary occupation of producing traditional art and craft. With coming in of machinery-based industries, the production of items has doubled and the value has reduced which has resulted in impulsive buying by the consumers. While most might think of this as a development and an inexpensive way out, they remain ignorant to the environmental, social and economical effect it creates. Making of traditional handicrafts is an age-old practice of producing sustainable and environmentally friendly items as they have always drawn inspiration from the environment. They are made using natural materials and are perishable. They can help in reducing carbon footprint.

With the present environmental conditions, there is a need to utilise more renewable and recyclable items. It is well recognised that not all items can be recycled; thus, using products with a high level of recyclability is recommended. Most of the traditional handicraft items are made using terracotta, paper, natural fibre, organic paints and other raw material which is extracted directly from the nature.
MeMeraki recognises these ideals and offers DIY sustainability classes every Friday. Here you may collect items from around you that have reached the end of their utility and are being discarded, and use them to create one-of-a-kind art and décor pieces for your homes, contributing to the awareness and sustainable practise in our everyday lifestyle

Key Takeaways +

Is the Art Kit included with my order? +

No, we do not provide art kits with this workshop. Before the workshop, we will share the list of materials you will need to complete your artwork. Our materials list is curated to make sure all required items are easily available.

However, we also sell art kits for some of the art forms seperately which you can find here.

What materials do I need to prepare in Advance? +