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About the Workshop +


This workshop is now over, you can buy recording.


Phad paintings are a 700 year old tradition of Rajasthani folk art originating from the city of Shahpura in Rajasthan. The word ‘Phad’ means canvas or fold in local dialects of the region. These are considered to be mobile temples and narrate beautiful stories of hindu mythology and local deities. The priests were nomads who traveled village to village and narrated these beautifully depicted stories to people. 

Phad paintings are extensive and not only complex in stories but also in its technique. First the canvas is prepared with a mixture of rice flour which is boiled with water - we apply this paste to the canvas which is called kheria gond. The cloth is then stretched and dried in sunlight and polished with a stone tool called Mohra. 

This workshop holds the beauty of working with natural colors used by Phad artists on the raw wasli paper used to paint original Phad paintings using natural brushes. Colors used in this style of paintings are naturally sourced and made by the artists using natural pigments sourced from stones, flowers, plants and herbs. The artwork depicts Laxmi, Ganesh and Saraswati together sitting on lotus seats gracefully depicted with vibrant shades of red, blue and browns. Drawing and having these three idols together holds great significance as Ganesha represents wisdom & intelligence, Saraswati represents knowledge and skills & Laxmi represents wealth and prosperity. To keep the wealth and prosperity along with knowledge and skills it’s important we cultivate wisdom and intelligence! That’s the reason we always paint Ganesha, Laxmi & Saraswati.

We will be taught by one of the members and learned artists of the Joshi Family who are the barriers of this artforms legacy  ‘Mr. Kalyan Joshi’. Kalyan Joshi will guide you on how to create the basic drawings shown in the image in Phad style. The painting maybe simplified a bit during the workshop.


Materials that we will send to you:

  • Wasli Paper
  • Natural Colors
  • Natural Hair Brushes     

 Materials that you will need:

  • A4 Size plain paper (a couple of extra sheets to practice sketching)
  • Poster colors (preferred, if you don’t have access to poster colors, you can use acrylic colors)
  • Brushes (size 0 to size 4/5), water and palette for mixing
  • Black pen for outlines (not mandatory, can outline with brush and paint too)
  • Pencil and rubber for sketching

We hope you can join us to support the arts and artists.


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