Sujani Hand embroidered Silk Stole, sienna

SUJANI A household recycling device, Sujani embroidery is traditionally used to make quilts by patching together worn out unstitched local garments with patterns of simple running stitch in coloured and white threads lending the fabric new structure while ornamenting it. The word Sujani itself reflects this principle – su means easy and facilitating, while jani means birth. This collection of stoles and sarees is a limited edition capsule collection 'Jiyo for MeMeraki' , hand embroidered by artist Neha and has been created  by Jiyo! Sujani Jeevika Swavlambi Sehkari Samiti Limited, Bihar.


  • Color: Sienna/Brown
  • Material: Silk 
  • Size: Stole: 176 X 56
  • Weight: 86
  • Color hues may slightly vary from that which appears in the image