Khodiyar Maata, Mata ni Pachedi by Chandrakant Bhulabhai

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“I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself”

~ Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

Khodiyar Mata is a goddess worshiped mainly in the Gujarat and in some parts of Rajasthan in India. Once she saved her brother's life who was bit by a venomous bite by journeying underwater to the Nagaloka and taking the elixir of life with her. Khodiyar Mata suffered an injury to the foot on her journey. So she was came back to the surface of the water on a crocodile. because of the injury in leg she couldn't walk properly , that's why she was called Khodi(Khodiyar Mata) and the Crocodile is attributed as her vehicle.

When the nomadic Vaghera community was not allowed to visit temples, they created their own temples in their homes by painting these stunning incarnations of the mother goddess on big cloth paintings. It is one of the few folk art forms which involves both block printing as well as free hand drawing.

Many times such textiles in Mata ni Pachedi art are donated by devotees after the fulfilment of wishes. These goddesses keep members of the devotee's family healthy. They control the rains and weather, cure animal diseases and guard the region against natural as well as supernatural calamities (Gatwood 1985), denoted here is Khodiyar Maata whose vehicle is the crocodile

About the Artist:

Chitara Chandrakant comes from a lineage of Mata ni Pachedi painters and this art has been in his family for over 700 years. Chitara Chandrakant started painting from the age of 8 with his father Chitara Bhulabhai who received a Shilp guru award and he has now been painting for over 40 years. Mata ni pachedi was initially done with a mixture of Kalamkari and block printing, but Chandrakant ji was the first one to experiment with the entire fabric as kalamkari so he is the first one to create Mata ni Pachedi as a complete Kalamkari using traditional colours with other natural colours. Since 1990 he has conducted around 270 more workshops at various Schools all over India & England (Buckingham Palace)


  • Size: 19 inches by 13 inches
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  • Handpainted in Kalamkari style on canvas
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