Pichwai Art Kit (Natural Colours for Pichwai Art plus Natural Brushes plus Sketched canvas)


Natural colours are longer lasting and add a beautiful sheen to your paintings. This set contains colours made by our Pichwai artist, Jayesh Sharma

Your kit will include a set of 12 natural colours and 7 natural brushes as well as a pre-sketched canvas prepared by the artist and a plain canvas as well. This canvas as the beautiful artwork of MahaRaas Pichwai.

Pichwai paintings are quite colorful and have several colors drawn and combined with creativity and skill. These colors are naturally sourced and made out of stones. These colors are obtained from coals indigo, gold, silver saffron, zinc, and other natural sources. in brilliant colors or woven with hand blocks. The bright and intense colors like yellow, green, black, red dominate  Pichwai.
How to use these colors: Mix water in the provided color and using your finger mix the color until the stone of color gets completely dissolved in the water and forms a smooth paste of color. Remember to mix it well so there are no lumps or clots in the color. Each time to use these colors repeat the process again.

Materials included in this kit:

  • 1.5 by 2 feet- One canvas with basic sketch done by the artist, one plain canvas (the canvas is made of cotton cambric the traditional way)
  • 12 colour set of natural colours made by the artist
  • Natural hair brushes set: Fine brushes in size 0, 1, 3 5, 7 and one flat brush