Dhokra Delights: Art in Brass

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Harmonious bliss: Display through Dhokra art by Kunal Rana

Kunal Rana diligently crafts this exquisite piece of Dhokra art. The man and woman are delicately rendered, with their figures displaying a sense of grace....

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Fluid Elegance: The Enchanting Fish of Dhokra Art by Kunal Rana

Kunal Rana's portrayal showcases the mastery of the Dhokra artist in capturing the grace and elegance of marine life. The fish, meticulously crafted from molten...

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Eternal Devotion: The Divine Couple in Dhokra Art by Kunal Rana

Kunal Rana crafts the divine love and eternal bond between Radha and Krishna. The figures of Radha and Krishna, meticulously crafted from molten metal, exude...

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A Chirping Bird: Dhokra Handicraft by Kunal Rana

Brilliant artist Kunal Rana's "Chirping Bird” in Dhokra Handicraft beautifully encapsulates the timeless allure of this ancient art form. Dhokra metal casting, an age-old tradition...

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Soldier with flag and gun: Dhokra by Kunal Rana

Renowned artist Kunal Rana in his Dhokra art artfully crafts a soldier standing holding a flag and a gun in one hand and other equipment...

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Serenade of Intricacy: The Harmonious Charm of Dhokra Art by Kunal Rana

In this captivating piece of Dokra art, a mesmerising array of intricate bells is portrayed by Kunal Rana, showcasing the masterful craftsmanship of the artist....

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Reflections of Beauty: Empowering Self-Care in Dhokra Art by Kunal Rana

Kunal Rana portrays a woman sitting gracefully on an intricately crafted cot, holding a mirror in one hand while gently combing her hair with the...

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