Traditional artwork paintings on Holi Festival

A Carnival of Colors: Joy of Holi Celebration Phad by Kalyan Joshi

This Phad painting by Kalyan Joshi depicts the joyous celebration of the traditional festival of Faag, also known as Holi. This artwork encapsulates the exuberance...

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Holi Festival (Fagh): Phad Painting by Kalyan Joshi

Renowned artist Kalyan Joshi's “Phad” Painting beautifully captures the essence of Holi Festival (Fagh Utsav), a vibrant celebration that transcends seasons and emotions. This mesmerizing...

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Krishna in Holi, Sanjhi Artwork By Ashutosh Verma

In this black and white stencil painting by Ashutosh Verma, Krishna is depicted in a playful Holi pose. The composition captures the essence of the...

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Jovial holi scene of Krishna in Tikuli painting by Ashok Kumar

Artist Ashok Kumar depicts one of the common theme in Tikuli paintings, the portrayal of the Holi scene involving Radha, Krishna, and Gopis. The scene...

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