Traditional Religious Paintings for Pooja Room

Elevate your sacred space with our exquisite collection of traditional handmade paintings for pooja rooms.

The Ananthashayanam: A Kerala Mural Marvel by Adarsh

Adarsh, a maestro of Kerala Mural painting, unfolds the core of sanctity in "The Ananthashayanam." Dynamic hues swirl throughout the canvas, breathing life into Lord...

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Pankaj Kumar's Vibrant Shreenathji Usta Miniature Painting

In the mesmerizing world of Usta Miniature Paintings, artist Pankaj Kumar weaves a captivating tale of devotion and harmony. His masterpiece, "Shreenathji," is an intricate...

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Elegance and Devotion: Aippan Artwork by Ruchi Nainwal

Renowned artist Ruchi Nainwal unveils the soul-stirring Lakshmi Charan Aipan Art Inspired artwork. This masterpiece transcends the realms of a mere artwork, transforming into an...

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Vishnu's Grace: Cosmic Chronicles in Kalamkari Painting by Siva Reddy

Siva Reddy's exquisite Kalamkari painting shows the divine presence of Lord Vishnu taking centre stage, radiating a timeless aura that captures the essence of his...

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Melodies of Divinity: Pichwai Painting of Ethereal Blue Hues by Dinesh Soni

At the heart of this Pichwai painting, Lord Krishna, the divine embodiment of love and joy, takes centre stage. He is depicted with his enchanting...

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Triumphant Tripathi: A Radiant Portrait of the Divine Trinity by Harsh Verdhan Chhajed

In this mesmerizing foam art creation, the divine form of Lord Tripathi captures the viewer with his majestic presence and the awe-inspiring beauty of the...

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Divine Radiance – Reverence to Lord Shrinathji’s Grace by Harsh Verdhan Chhajed

In this exquisite foam art work, the divine figure of Lord Shrinathji is crafted with ethereal beauty, captivating the viewer with its intricate details and...

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Divine entity – Lord Ganesh’s Benediction, Sea foam Art by Harsh Verdhan Chhajed

In this captivating artwork, a mesmerising representation of Lord Ganesh is at the centre of the canvas. Lord Ganesh, the Hindu deity revered as the...

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Ganesha, Kerala Mural Painting by V.M Jijulal

Renowned artist V.M. Jijulal sways the viewers to the mesmerizing world of Kerala Mural Painting through his exquisite portrayal of Lord Ganesha in his resplendent...

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Radha Krishna Kerala Mural Painting by Adarsh

Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, delivered the Bhagwad Gita on the battlefield to Arjun when he was reluctant to kill his own kin....

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