Commissioned Art

Commissioning a custom artwork for your home or workspace is a wonderful opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind, collaborative piece that you will treasure for years to come. We have the biggest curated collection of heritage artworks across India from the remotest corners of the country, and we would be happy to work with you individually to create a commissioned piece that you can call your own. 



Type I Customisation

The first type of commission order includes different dimensions or colours for an artwork that is already on our website. If you would are looking for such a customisation contact us through email or Whatsapp to discuss your requirements. We will get back to you about the pricing within 48-72 hours.
We will require an advanced payment to start the process as we cannot entertain any refunds for artworks that are specially customised for you. We will keep you informed with regular photos and updates 2 to 3 times during the commissioning period. Average timelines for custom works are about 3 to 4 weeks. If your artwork will take longer, then we inform you in the beginning of the process.
However, there may be unanticipated delays as the process of handcrafting is complicated and our model of interconnectivity for traditional artisans is still a work in progress. And so, we would appreciate your patience during the process. If you want different colour options for one of the paintings on our website, we will show you 4-5 colour swatches after the initial sketching is done. The rest of the process would be as described above.

Type II Customisation

If you would like a completely customised artwork, the process will be different. Please note that we do not provide copies of any artwork that you might have in mind as all our master artists have their own distinctive style and we can not ask them to copy somebody else's artwork.
To start the process, we will provide you with an initial estimate for the artwork we have finalised. Then, we will work with our artists to create an initial sketch of what you have in mind. Once the sketch is finalised, then we will work with you on the colour palette and finalise the painting.
A completely custom artwork would take at least 5-6 weeks and is usually more expensive than the other options. This is because, we would assign a team to the project that will spend a lot of time on the ideation and conceptualisation of the artwork. We would require an advanced payment of 50% and then the final payment 50% can be provided once the artwork is completed and approved by you. There will be no refund if you change your mind at any time during the process.