Why Heritage Art Workshops for Schools?

Live workshop artwork Live workshop artwork
Live workshop artwork
Live workshop artwork

Our workshops are designed to provide children with an early introduction to the world of art and help to build better skills and cultural perspectives. We believe that learning traditional art and craft is good for kids as it allows them to build an interest in the history and traditions of their culture. Our workshops offer children the opportunity to learn and create traditional art and crafts that have been passed down through generations. This exposure to different art forms and techniques can help to stimulate their creativity and imagination.

Participating in heritage art workshops can also provide children with a diverse skill set that looks good in competitive higher education. Traditional art forms such as pottery, weaving, or painting have been used for centuries, and mastering them can give children a unique edge when it comes to applying for scholarships, internships, or higher education programs. Additionally, it provides them with a sense of accomplishment and pride, which can boost their self-esteem and confidence.

At our workshops, we strive to create a fun and engaging learning environment that fosters creativity and self-expression. Our experienced instructors are passionate about heritage art and are committed to teaching children the skills they need to succeed.

Incorporating heritage art workshops into school curriculums is essential for enriching children's learning experiences and helping them develop into well-rounded individuals. Our workshops provide a unique opportunity for children to connect with their heritage, build cultural awareness, and develop essential life skills.

Join us today and give your child the gift of heritage art!

Types of Workshops

In Person workshop

Looking to foster teamwork and creativity in your team? Look no further than our customizable team building experiences. With hundreds of traditional art workshops under our belt, including collaborations with leading organisations like Google, Mastercard and LinkedIn, we offer a wealth of expertise and experience. Our experiences lead by Master Artisans from the remotest corners of India can help your team explore their creativity, learn a new skill, or simply spend quality time connecting with their culture. To ensure an engaging and immersive experience, each of our experiences is accompanied by a specially curated traditional art kit with local materials sourced directly from the master artisans. Browse our options below to discover the perfect fit for your team.


This is the ideal option for teams looking for a more personalized experience. Our master artist and our community manager will be physically present to provide direction and guidance to the group, resulting in a deeper understanding of the art form and the local culture from which it hails. This hands-on approach fosters a more immersive and engaging experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your team.

Past Workshop

School kids with there artwork master artist demonstrating the artwork Student with her Artwork students with there artworks in online workshop Student with his artwork and certificate In person workshop in person workshop in person workshop
In Person workshop


This option offers the best of both worlds. Your team can come together in a physical space while our master artist joins online from their hometown to teach the art form. Additionally, we can have a couple of team members physically present to assist in organizing the event.


This option is perfect for remote teams who may not be able to gather in one physical location. By joining online, your team can learn the art form from the comfort of their own homes or offices, while our host provides guidance and translation as needed.

Art kits

Artkits for all Atrforms

Terracotta Art Kit

This kit, specially made for the Molela Terracotta Masterclass by master artist Dinesh Molela, contains all the necessary materials to create one artwork, including authentic clay dust, a ply-wood board, and wooden dust.

Lippan Mudwork Art Kit

The Lippan Mudwork Art Kit provides everything children need to create beautiful, traditional Indian art using a unique and eco-friendly mud-based material, including a detailed guidebook and all the necessary tools and materials.


MeMeraki meets my vision of holistic education where the mind and heart both receive stimulation. In the past years we have collaborated to enable children meet Master Artisans and be joyful recipients of the unbroken chain of the art, culture and heritage of our country. They also automatically receive the innate wisdom of centuries that the Artists bring with them. It has been wonderful brainstorming with Yosha to deepen the Arts and Aesthetics partnership

— Sandhya Awasthi, Principal, Delhi Public School Greator Noida

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