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Shop Banaras in Madhubani by Avinash Karn

Banaras in Madhubani by Avinash Karn

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Shop Kolkata  in Madhubani by Avinash Karn

Kolkata in Madhubani by Avinash Karn

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Shop Sasta Jinagi Mahag Senur (Maithili Cinema on Dowry, Love and Social customs)
Shop Today's Laxmi Bai  in Madhubani by Avinash Karn
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Shop Travelers in Banaras  in Madhubani by Avinash Karn
Shop The Last Supper in Madhubani by Avinash Karn
Shop Shiv-Shakti in Madhubani by Avinash Karn
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About Avinash Karn

Avinash Karn is a distinguished Madhubani artist who was born in the village of Ranti in Madhubani, Bihar. Growing up in a family steeped in the Madhubani art tradition, he began learning the craft from his family members from a young age. His passion for this traditional art form grew over the years, and by 2014, he had started practicing it commercially. Avinash's inspiration came from renowned Madhubani artist Ganga Devi, whose work he greatly admired. He is the third generation in his family to pursue Madhubani art, making it a family legacy. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, with a focus on sculpture, from Banaras Hindu University.

Although he has never actively applied for awards, Avinash has gained significant recognition. He was invited to Switzerland for the Fumetto Comic Festival, held in the city of Lucerne, where his work was displayed at the airport. He also conducted workshops and had two speaking engagements during the festival. This opportunity was unplanned, as the organizers reached out to him directly, selecting him as one of three artists from India. Besides this international event, he has also exhibited his work at prestigious venues such as the Lalit Kala Academy and the Birla Academy, often in collaboration with other renowned Indian artists. Additionally, he has received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, which has further opened doors to various workshops with institutions.

One of Avinash's favorite projects was his work at the Azeem Premji University in Bangalore, where he created a large painting for the welcome center and a mural in the seminar hall. The mural was a massive collaborative effort, involving eight artists from across India, with dimensions reaching 50 feet in height and 80 feet in width. Avinash played a significant role in this ambitious project, showcasing his expertise and creativity.

In addition to traditional Madhubani themes, Avinash explores contemporary subjects, including cinema series and cityscapes, investing substantial time in research before creating his works. While he maintains the traditional style, he strives to bring a fresh perspective, avoiding common repetitions in traditional Madhubani paintings. Avinash's journey as an artist was not without challenges. He began his career as a freelance artist, facing financial struggles and limited support. Connecting with people on social media was a turning point for him, gradually helping him build a network and find clients. His persistence and dedication helped him overcome initial difficulties and establish himself in the art world.

Avinash's ambition goes beyond his personal success; he aims to preserve and promote lesser-known Madhubani art forms, such as Godna tattoos, Godna paintings, and low-relief paintings. He is committed to ensuring these art forms do not get neglected and wants to improve the livelihood of other artists who work in these areas. His ultimate goal is to continue researching these traditional art forms, writing books to document and share their rich heritage with a broader audience.