About the Exhibition

For the last few years, Dolon Kundu has been able to support 250 village women on a regular basis. She began her journey by training almost 1000 living in Burdwan village and from this group of 1000, now 250 are working closely with her at Burdwan as artisans under her supervision and are currently able to support their family. Dolon Kundu now wishes to provide better working facilities for her group of artisans and knows that she will be able to expand further and train other women artisans as well.

This exhibition presented by MeMeraki is a component of IIFL’s campaign to increase public awareness of and financial support for Kundu's terracotta cluster. It goes beyond mere aesthetic enhancements; it seeks to create meaningful socio-economic impacts. With your support, we can transform their working conditions and uplift their lives.

Artist Spotlight

Dolon Kundu

Dolon Kundu is a Master terracotta artist from village Bardhawan in Kolkata and has been practicing this craft for over 45 years. She has won many accolades and awards like the National Handicrafts Award, the State Award for handicrafts and has exhibited extensively across India and internationally in the UK as well as the prestigious International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe. She has a very distinctive and intricate style in terracotta and has also been sharing her knowledge with many others with the training she has been imparting to hundreds of other artisans in village Bardhawan .
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Explore the exclusive catalog of never seen before Terracotta sculptures handcrafted by Dolon Kundu at her workshop in Bardhawan, Kolkata.Each sculpture will challenge your perception of what Terracotta sculptures can be. As Dolon Kundu craftsmanship brings myths and deities to life with excruciating details using clay.