Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a world where anyone in the world can explore an authentic connection with their culture through the master artists who have been inheriting artistic knowledge from generations.
We aim to create sustainable livelihoods for traditional artisans and use technology as a differentiator. Not just that, we have set out to digitize more than 3000 arts and crafts of India with online and offline experiences, including handcrafted products that integrate into modern lifestyles.

What we do

Our Team

We have gathered a collective of mission-driven, socially-conscious and passionate individuals who are committed to bringing to light all the hidden gems and disenfranchised artisans in the subcontinent.

Our Interns

We have young, hardworking and engaged individuals interning at Memeraki at all times. Meet the bright people that contribute towards our work in protecting our artistic heritage:

I am a Full Stack Developer. I am excited to learn and grow my skills with my peers at Memeraki. All the members at Memeraki are such welcoming and amazing people. I am glad to be a part of it.

I am a multi-disciplinary learner and believer in constant change. I thrive on researching and finding something new everyday. It feels great to be part of Memeraki where I get the opportunity to fulfill my aspirations!

I am a design student, and I am very excited to be a part of the Memeraki family. I look forward to contributing my aesthetic ideas to this culture-tech platform.

I am interning at Memeraki to learn how to bring traditional art into the urban world!

I'm a blockchain developer, here to contribute to the Indic revolution that MeMeraki is leading.