Customise your Bag

  • Want to make your luxury handbag one of a kind ?
  • Bored of your old bag and want to give it a new look ?

Contact us at to tell us your requirements - our customisation services for your bags start at USD 150 plus shipping.


  • Please share photos of your bag to be upcycled/customised with us
  • We will send artwork and colour palette recommendations for your bag
  • Once you confirm which artwork and colour palette you prefer, a confirmation email will be sent to you with these details
  • Once your order and payment is confirmed, your bag will be picked up (or you can send the bag to us) and will be sent to the relevant artist 
  • The artist will handpaint the artwork on the bag and we will share a final photo before getting the bag back from the artist
  • The completed bag with the artwork will then be sent back to you 
  • The entire process takes between 1.5-2 months to complete 
  • Please note that since this is handpainted not in a studio environment but at the artists home in their village/town, while all efforts are made to follow the process but it may happen that small drops of paint may fall on the bag