Breakaway - Journeys Off the Map

Responding to a growing desire among today's travellers for journeys beyond the map, a breakaway from regularity gets you under the skin of an experience. Because travel today is no longer about transporting people to someplace else, Breakaway fills in these blanks with transcending experiences which you can leisurely unpack over a lifetime.

Aware that time is the new money, we offer immersive short and long breakaways, which you can sign up for, or have customised, assured on every count. Because today more and more people (like you and us) are no longer content being observers, striking items off holiday checklists. We are not tour operators, who drive you by the sights. We're a committed resource who offers you a deeper, more authentic and more profound experience of a place and people, rather than a "drive by" holiday.

Of Rich Textiles & Historic Lineages - A Textile Trail in Delhi

See for yourself the love, hard work, skill and artistry that goes into the making of fabrics the world celebrates.

Punjab: Beyond the Brochure

Embrace the zest and effervescence of Punjabi culture; experience the magnitude of the Hola Mohalla tradition at Anandpur Sahib, with its innumerable colours, moods and heroism forging their way to an enviable place in Sikh heritage. Create fascinating memories, whether in your heart or your camera. Come Breakaway

Print off the Block: A Hand Block Printing Workshop in Jaipur

Quench your thirst for experiencing a block printing tradition first hand - an immersive interaction with a block printer cum textile enthusiast who creates magic with her hands, walking you through the fine art of block printing, to create your own masterpiece.

Woven Trails through Hyderabad

Hyderabad is home to one of India's finest handloom fabric traditions . Meeting the finest craftsmen and connecting with their stories- an experience of looms, legendary landmarks and lingering tales on the craftsmanship that have kept India's textile printing and weaving cultures alive.

Tie & Dye Workshop in Bangalore

Venture into stories and traditions that have created the fabric of contemporary India and provided the world with some much sought after textiles . A hands on interaction with a textile designer working with tie and dye techniques crafting fabrics the world celebrates.

Print off the Block: A Hand Block Printing Workshop in Bangalore

Quench your thirst for experiencing a block printing tradition first hand - A journey filled with new friendships, fonder appreciation and understanding on Indian textiles with an immersive interaction with a block printer cum textile enthusiast.

Legends of Lucknow: A Craft & Textile Exploration

Drape yourself in the stories that make chikan so delightful to wear. Let the divine fragrances of ittar transport you to the heavens. Allow the traditions of naqqashi to delicately engrave their way into your heart. To discover why the legends of the Nawabs linger on in Lucknow, just Breakaway.

Of Rich Textiles and Historic Lineages - A Textile Trail in Kanchipuram

In one of South India's holiest temple cities, you'll discover one of its most divine weaves. From the angavastram of the Gods to the kornad sari of their devotees, Kanchipuram is perfect for the textile devotee who chooses to Breakaway.

Print Off the Block: A Textile Trail in Jaipur

In a pink city that sports crimson forts in the middle of golden sands, there live block printers who have traditionally used the colours of the land to bring their textile heritage alive. To be enlivened by them, you only need to Breakaway.

Of Rich Textiles and Historic Lineages - A Textile Trail in Ahmedabad

From a queen's tomb that today lends its name to a textile market to a lineage of craftsmen who paint mobile shrines to the Goddess on fine fabrics, we will show you everything that you never thought you could see in Ahmedabad. You only need to Breakaway.

Painted Histories, RajasthanPainted Histories, Rajasthan

You might have travelled to taste Rajasthan's culture in its cuisine and hear its traditions come alive in the voices and instruments of its varied folk musicians. But you'll have to Breakaway if you want to unearth the secrets of its see its lesser known painted histories.

Secrets in the Shade, Periyar

To see the jungle, you could drive through it. But if you want to know what it hides, you need to walk in under its trees. Breakway and we'll uncover the secrets of the Periyar's shade with you.

Holi Tour of Braj / Vrindavan

Discover the Raas Leela on the world's oldest living theatre stage. Get drenched in a heady mix of nectar, perfume, saffron, gulal and sandalwood? Pray in temples and sway to folk songs that transport you to the Vrindavan of lore? Want to soak in the most unique Holi ever? Just Breakaway.