Open the Doors to the world of Kawad, the mobile temple - Kid's Workshop

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Open the Doors to the world of Kawad, the mobile temple - Kid's Workshop Dwarka Prasad blue-tick
The Vintage Garden, Patkar Bungalows, 34D Turner Road, Bandra
Sun, May 26 2024, 04:00 PM (IST)
Materials Included
Hindi/English (Our Community Manager is present to Help Live Translate)
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Certificate Upon Completion

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About the Workshop +

Open the Doors to the world of Kawad, the mobile temple: A children workshop exploring the marvels of Kawad Art.

"Garmi ki Chutti"- A series of children workshops in collaboration with Dwarka Prasad and MeMeraki.

In this workshop, kids will get the opportunity to paint their very own Kawad, a mobile temple that is an integral part of the traditional art and culture of Rajasthan. They will start by learning about the history and significance of Kawad and some of the stories that are often depicted on them. The facilitator will share some videos and other snippets of information to help bring the art form to life. Next, kids will choose a story to paint onto their Kawad. They can either sketch their design by hand or use stencils provided by the facilitator. For younger children, there will also be the option to fold paper to imitate the making of a Kawad. Vishakha, the artist behind the workshop, will create a prototype on paper to demonstrate the folding technique. Once the design is sketched or stenciled onto the small wooden Kawad, kids will paint it using a variety of vibrant colors. They will be guided through the process by the facilitator and will have the chance to add their own unique touches to their artwork. By the end of the workshop, kids will have their own beautifully painted Kawad to take home and display proudly. They will also have learned about the cultural significance of Kawad and gained a greater appreciation for this traditional art form.

Date: 26th May, Sunday

Age: 4-10 Age Group

Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Address: The Vintage Garden, Patkar Bungalows, 34D Turner Road, Bandra

Key Takeaways +

Making Paper Kawad

Paint Kawad


What will I get in my Art Kit?+

All materials will be provided on the venue. 

Can I get the Art Kit shipped outside India?+

We ship worldwide, shipping charges of 2000 INR are applicable for international orders. Our Prices are inclusive of GST/Taxes. No additional charges are applicable for domestic deliveries.

What materials do I need to prepare in Advance? +

Come and enjoy the workshop with your kids.


Dwarka Prasad blue-tick

Dwarka Prasad is a national award winning Kavad artist .He has been engaged in the craft since his childhood.Kavad is a traditional craft of Rajasthan and depicts folk stories in a wooden structure . Dwaraka Prasad brings stories like recycling,Tsunami etc to life through his paintings in the wooden structures typical to Kavad . His work has been collected by many art collectors and also by organisations like the UN.

Kavad Art

The Kavad is a mobile story-telling device that sometimes serves as a temporary temple. It is created by combining the skills of carpentry, painting and narration. As separate professions, the carpenter is called a suthar, an artist is a chitrakar, and a story teller is a bhat. The Kavad makers combine the work of the carpenter and artist, while the Kavadia Bhats do the narration. The Kavad is made only in a village called Bassi, in Chittorgarh District of Rajasthan. 

Product Details

Open the Doors to the world of Kawad, the mobile temple - Kid's Workshop
Dwarka Prasad
Art Style
Kavad Art
Difficulty Level
Workshop Type
In Person
Audio Language
Materials Included
1 Days

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Masterclasses are complete pre-recorded courses of 7-8 parts that have been researched and recorded by us at the Master artists homes. LIVE workshops happen in real time over zoom along with the Master Artist and a small group. Live workshops have different levels. We only have a few Masterclasses right now - Lippan art from Kutch and Pichwai art from Nathdwara, Rajasthan and are producing and adding more every month. While we cover more than 60 heritage art and craft forms in our live workshops already.

You could attend a beginner friendly live workshop (or even a masterclass if its Lippan or Pichwai you are interested in) and then join the foundations or advanced LIVE workshops. The different levels for the LIVE workshops are- Beginner, Foundations and Advancedyour store.

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Advanced- in the Advanced live workshop, usually the focus is on completing a more elaborate and intricate painting - no basic motifs are covered in the advanced workshops.
Masterclass-A masterclass is structured as 7-8 pre-recorded classes covering introduction of the artform, introduction of the artist, introduction of the different traditional materials used in that art and then 3 artworks are usually taught ranging from beginner to intermediate.

Yes, going forward, our platform will automatically award you a certificate on behalf of MeMeraki for completing a workshop with us and being a patron of the arts. This will be accessible via the ‘My Workshops’ section under each workshop that you have attended after Nov 2021.

Yes, we have many patrons attending our workshops from across the world. We ship the art kits internationally for the workshops where materials are included. International shipping charges are INR2000. Even if you are ordering an art kit separately in addition to a MASTERCLASS, we can ship internationally.

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