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Aastha Billowria and Shivakshi Sharma

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Divine Paradox: Godess Sheetali's tapestry in Basohli portrait Basohli Painting by Aastha Billowria  & Shivakshi Sharma for sale
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cartImg ₹6,000
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About Aastha Billowria and Shivakshi Sharma

Shivakshi Sharma, a 19-year-old artist, hails from the mystical town of Basohli and weaves wonders on her canvas. Since 2011, when many her age were just beginning their journey, she embarked on a passionate artistic exploration, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Vishwasthali Painting Center in Basohli, where she first imbibed the secrets of her craft. Shivakshi's artistic odyssey is intertwined with a band of like-minded souls in an artistic fellowship, forming the soulful nexus of 4-5 artists at the Vishwasthali Painting Centre, an NGO that breathes life into her visions.

Imbued with the essence of her hometown, where history whispers through its alleys, Shivakshi creates a tapestry of meanings through her miniature art. Each stroke tells a story, adorned with natural pigments like gold and silver, lending a unique charm to her creations. Her repertoire extends beyond the canvas, exploring the realms of mural works, clay modeling, and the ethereal allure of wall paintings.

Her education at the Vir Sawarkar High Secondary School in Basohli laid the foundation for her artistic pursuits, which now flourish as she delves deeper into her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Amritsar. But Shivakshi's art doesn't just reside in physical spaces—it traverses digital frontiers, as she recently enchanted global audiences through international art exhibitions online, leaving a trail of wonder and awe. Her work isn't merely art; it's a portal into a realm where colors speak and stories dance, beckoning you to lose yourself in the magic she weaves with her brush.