Akshaya Vata Phad Painting by Kalyan Joshi

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Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-34 W-26 inches
Medium : Natural Colors on Paper

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Renowned artist Kalyan Joshi's mesmerizing Phad Painting, "Tree of Life - Akshaya Vata," transcends the realms of art, delving deep into the heart of Hindu mythology. This masterful creation bridges the chasm between life and death, heaven and earth, as the tree's roots plunge into the underworld's mysterious depths. Intricately woven into this canvas is the concept of divine protection, akin to God's shelter for his devotees. Known as Kalpavriksha in Hindu lore, this tree grants wishes and material blessings, embodying the Trimurti - Lord Vishnu as the bark, Lord Brahma as the roots, and Lord Shiva as the branching crown. Joshi's color palette, rich and vibrant, breathes life into this celestial narrative. Intricate patterns and motifs cascade across the canvas, mirroring the intricate interplay between the mortal and immortal realms. This artwork is a captivating testament to the fusion of mythology and artistry. Joshi's creation serves as a portal into a timeless narrative, where the Tree of Immortality stands tall, offering solace and fulfillment, connecting humanity to the divine.

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    Kalyan Joshi's artistic journey commenced when he was just eight years old, as he embarked on a creative voyage under the guidance of his father and revered Guru, Shree Shrilal Joshi. The Joshi family has proudly upheld the rich tradition of Phad artistry for generations.

    Kalyan Joshi's contributions to the Phad art form are truly remarkable. His monochromatic interpretations and collaborations with narrative poetry have expanded the horizons of Phad painting, pushing its boundaries beyond conventional norms. His dedication and innovation in the field of Phad painting were duly recognized when he was awarded the prestigious National Award in 2012.

    In addition to his artistic endeavors, Kalyan Joshi has also made a significant impact through the establishment of "ANKAN" Kala Sansthan. This initiative has played a pivotal role in introducing Phad paintings to countless young enthusiasts, ensuring the preservation and propagation of this traditional art form for generations to come.


    Phad art is a style of traditional folk painting, practiced in the state of Rajasthan, India. Known for its vivid colors and intricate details, Phad paintings serve as visual narratives that depict stories from epics, folklore, and religious texts. The term ‘Phad’ refers to the large scrolls or banners on which these stories are painted. Traditionally, it is not made for art sake, but to serve as ‘portable temples’ to the deities of the Rebari tribe. History and Tradition The origins of Phad painting can be traced back over 700 years ago to the Joshi family in Shahpura and Bhilwara, Rajasthan. However, the artists in the family believe that this art form has existed for a hundred thousand years. This folk art form is primarily associated with the Rebari tribe and Bhopas (priests in the tribe) follow the tradition of traveling and singing about the epics painted in the Phad, from village to village. The tradition of Phad painting is largely centered around the stories of Pabuji and Devnarayan, revered deities in Rajasthan's local folklore. The scrolls were used by the Bhopas during religious ceremonies and community gatherings, where they would unroll the Phad and narrate the stories, often accompanied by music and song. Technique and Details Phad painting involves a meticulous process, starting from scrolls made from hand-woven cotton fabric, which is first soaked overnight and then stretched on a wooden frame. The fabric is then treated with a mixture of rice paste and gum to create a smooth, durable surface for painting. The drawings are done using charcoal or a light pencil and then colored with natural vegetable dyes. The stories depicted in Phad paintings usually revolve around heroic tales, divine exploits, and legendary feats. Characters are portrayed with expressive facial features and dynamic poses. However, the scenes are not linear or chronological and work on the principles of ‘horror vacui’. The protagonist looms over the composition and place gets primacy over time. The colors used in Phad paintings also have symbolic meaning—red for valor and strength, green for nature and life, yellow for knowledge, and blue for divinity. Artists often work collaboratively, with one person sketching the outlines and others filling in the colors and details. 

    Product Details

    Akshaya Vata Phad Painting by Kalyan Joshi
    Kalyan Joshi
    Art Style
    Natural Colors
    34 in(H) X 26 in(W)
    Tree of Life, Tree, Nature
    Yellow, Silver, Blue
    Country of Origin
    Rajasthan, India

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