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Shop Knotting Stories: The Seamless Convergence of Colors, Ghazipur Wall Hanging by Md. Matim
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About Mohammad Matim

In the heart of Ghazipur, Mohammad Matim weaves dreams into tangible art, stepping into the legacy of generational craftsmanship, imbibed by his father, tracing back three generations. Anchored within the close-knit fabric of the community, their family thrives in the artistic narrative. Rooted in Banaras, his father, Kaishar Jahan Ahmed, earned accolades, holding the esteemed State Award and a coveted Master Trainer certificate. With a palate of experience spanning 5 to 6 years, Mohammad's adoration blossoms for the Fountain House, an enchanting creation that breathes life into scenes depicting tranquil fountains and serene trees, exuding an air of peace.

In Mohammad's canvas, the muses range from animals, landscapes, and trees to the alluring charm of houses, all meticulously designed by his hand. His creative spirit resonates with vibrant, multicolored themes, adorned with depictions of both Muslim and Hindu deities. Despite the richness of their craft, the hurdle lies not in creation but in the challenge of sales. However, Mohammad envisions a path forward, a journey that stretches beyond recognition and into the heart of Ghazipur's quaint villages, where his artistry, born from the smallest of spaces, leaves an indelible mark, painting a picture of beauty amidst simplicity, inviting the world to witness the beauty that arises from the union of skill, tradition, and an unyielding passion for art.