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Handpainted Paintings by the Masters

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‘Handpainted Paintings by Masters’ is an exclusive assortment of traditional paintings with diverse techniques, styles, and mediums, executed by master artists from the remotest corners of India. Every painting included in this collection is infused with a historical, mythological, or regional legacy that reflects the value and role of art and culture inherent in our society. From the intricate lines of miniatures to the vibrant colors of Madhubani, and the spiritual narratives of Tanjore, Pichwai, and Pattachitra, the collection offers a beautiful glimpse into the variety of art forms practiced by the exceptionally talented craftsmen of India.

Every painting in this collection is meticulously hand-crafted, embodying a set of knowledge and beliefs inherited through generations. From the sacred love story of Radha and Krishna set against the lush landscape of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh to the serene beauty and devotion depicted in South India's Kalamkari paintings, this collection explores the multifaceted nature of Indian traditions. These art forms aren’t merely decorative but carry the soul of India’s rich heritage and honour the folklore, mythology, and spirituality in Indian traditions.


India's reputation for exceptional craftsmanship is widely recognized, and this collection is a testament to that heritage. It showcases renowned art forms such as Bengal's Kalighat painting, Andhra Pradesh's Kalamkari, Rajasthan's Pichwai, and a variety of miniatures, offering a glimpse into the rich artistic legacy contained within. This collection also features infamous tribal art forms like Warli and Gond from the state of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh respectively.  From the lavish Tanjore paintings from Tamil Nadu to the vivid Madhubani art from Bihar and the narrative-focused Phad paintings from West Bengal and Odisha, this collection underscores the distinctive artistic styles found in each Indian state.


This collection has been assembled through direct collaboration with master artisans from various regions in India, ensuring that every piece is authentically hand-crafted. These craftsmen have honed their skills through generations of wisdom and decades of practice often drawing inspiration from their cultural heritage while pushing the boundaries of creativity. Many of them have earned national and international recognition for their work and have been honored with prestigious awards like Padma Shri and Shilp Guru. With a commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation, these artisans create art pieces that reflect their pride and excellence.

Our Master Artists are the collective custodians of our history and our stories. This remarkable collection is curated with the hope that visitors will appreciate the rich aesthetic appeal of Indian crafts and on their way learn about the artistry, tradition, and cultural heritage that make India unique.

Most Appreciated Art Forms:

Our collection features several art forms that have garnered significant appreciation from our visitors. Kalamkari, Madhubani, Phad, and Pichwai are among those leading the popularity charts. To learn more about the stories behind these highly-regarded pieces in our collection, click on the following links:

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