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Traditional Art and Craft of Bihar

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Makhanchor painting by Dinesh Molela
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Cultural heritage and artistic traditions

Bihar, situated in eastern India, is a state steeped in cultural heritage and artistic traditions. The region is known for its rich tapestry of arts and crafts, showcasing the artistic prowess of its people.

Madhubani paintings

Bihar is renowned for its remarkable Madhubani paintings, an ancient art form characterized by intricate and vibrant depictions of nature, mythology, and daily life. Master artists like Bharti Dayal and Baua Devi have garnered international acclaim for their exceptional skills in Madhubani art.

The state is also celebrated for its mastery in stone carving, with artists like Shiv Shankar Das creating stunning sculptures and architectural embellishments. Bihar is home to the magnificent art of Tikuli painting, with skilled artisans like Sangeeta Devi producing intricate and delicate artwork on glass.

With a commitment to preserving and promoting these traditional art forms, Bihar continues to thrive as a center of artistic excellence. The state's master artists and craftsmen, along with emerging talents, are shaping the cultural landscape and ensuring the legacy of Bihar's artistic heritage.