Belavat Kanya. Warli painting by Anil Wangad


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Artist Anil Wangad's masterful Warli painting, "Belvat Kanya," transports the viewers to a rustic village teeming with life. In earthy brown and white tones, this artwork embodies the essence of Warli, a tribal art form rooted in Maharashtra, India. The canvas narrates daily village life, as villagers engage in farming, celebrations, and communal rituals. Wangad's skillful strokes breathe life into the intricate patterns and motifs, seamlessly blending nature and humanity. As tradition meets artistry, "Belvat Kanya" is a window into the captivating world of Warli, where the rhythmic dance of culture and nature is beautifully captured on canvas. Wangad's brushwork breathes life into a timeless tale, where the mundane becomes magical. This artwork is a testament to the enduring beauty of Warli art, its color theory, and the stories it weaves within its charming, intricate lines.