Kulanbi, Warli painting by Anil Wangad


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In artist Anil Wangad's exquisite Warli painting, ‘Kulanbi,’ the rustic charm of rural life comes alive in a timeless daylight tableau. This earthy piece tells a silent tale of tradition and toil as a farmer, meticulously adorned in the signature Warli white attire, and skillfully pours a heap of grain into the waiting earth. Against the backdrop of earthy brown hues, Wangad's brushwork captures the essence of simplicity and harmony. The birds that grace the canvas, with graceful arcs and fluttering wings, evoke a sense of freedom and unity with nature. Wangad's use of minimalistic yet evocative patterns and motifs, inherent to the Warli art form, brings forth a rich cultural heritage that celebrates life, agriculture, and the enduring bond between humanity and its surroundings.