Tree of life: Warli painting by Dilip Rama Bahotha

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This beautiful tree represents Mother Nature. Full of joy and strength, it nurtures, supports and protects everything which is under its shed. This tree is a home to all, whether it is a bird, animal or a human being.

Our Warli master artist Dilip Rama Bahotha ji hails from a small village of Varkhande, near Talasari, Maharashtra. Born in 1975, he got inspired to pursue painting as his career under the guidance of his master Madhukar Vadu. In 1996, as a young college student he was awarded an ‘Art Prize on Mission’ in Germany. Later he was encouraged by Father Wendell D’Cruz to continue to experiment with the art form. He has exhibited his art works in Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Cochin, Chennai and various other cities across the globe.
The Warli painting is a ritualistic art of the Warli tribe of northern Maharashtra, India. Made for special occassions of weddings and harvest, the artform is said to date nearly 2500 years back. The traditional wall paintings depict no mythological themes, but scenes of everyday life. The circle and triangle come from the tribe’s observation of nature, the circle representing the sun and the moon, the triangle derived from mountains and pointed trees. Only the square seems to obey a different logic and seems to be a human invention, indicating a sacred enclosure or a piece of land.


  • Size:   32 x 24" inches
  • Price is for unframed painting and painting would be sent without a frame
  • Warli painting by artist Dilip Rama Bahotha
  • Painting on cloth using natural colours made by the artist
  • The image shown here is representative to help visualise the painting in a home setting and not an actual framed image
  • COD cannot be accepted as a payment option for paintings
  • This painting will be made to order and will take 3-4 weeks
  • Certificate of Authentication will be provided
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