8 Artsy Things to Do in Delhi During January 2023


1. Bodies at Sea by Devika Sundar

Bodies at Sea by Devika Sundar: 8 Artsy Things to Do in Delhi During January 2023


Date: Ongoing till 7 January

Location: Blueprint12, Anand Niketan


“In 'Bodies at Sea' we traverse the boundaries between the visible and unknown, examining the hidden complexity of our interior bodies alongside oceanic bodies of the deep sea. Through our explorations, we search and discover an uncanny, effectual and visual synergy between internal bodyscapes to marine forms and aqueous environments. Responding to a collection of visual, textual, material and audio archives, we particularly trace layers that lie invisible, curious, obscure and yet to be unearthed in these mirroring environments.”

Devika Sundar 

In “Adrift and at Sea”, Devika Sundar shares a collection of drawings, journals, projections, light boxes, textiles and sounds. Explore her work illustrating the human body, deep ocean and her experiences with chronic illness.


2. A Rhythm Surfaces in the Mind by Ganesh Haloi


Ganesh Haloi: 8 Artsy Things to Do in Delhi During January 2023


Date: 5th January

Location: Kiran Nadar Museum

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art is hosting a book launch for Ganesh Haloi: A Rhythm Surfaces in the Mind, edited by Natasha Ginwala and Jesal Thacker. The book has been published by Akar Prakar & Mapin. After reading the book, participants are encouraged join in on a conversation between curator and critic Adam Szymczyk and chief curator Roobina Karode.


3. Within a Square by Chetnaa


Within a Square: 8 Artsy Things to Do in Delhi During January 2023


Date: 07th January 

Location: KNMA, Saket

In “Within a Square,” visual artist @chetnaa_art will explore the possibilities and permutations of manipulating a square. This workshop is part of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art's ongoing series of artist-led workshops.


4. Radiance of Cosmic Consciousness by Sonika Agarwal 



Date: 06 January

Location: Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre


In the art exhibition ‘Radiance of Cosmic Consciousness: Who Am I to Who I Am’, images depict a visual expression of sounds and vibrations within the human being. These works represent an inner life in which we live on a spiritual level.


5. Nilanjana Nandy's Workshop

Date: 7th January 2023

Location: D-53 defense Colony, New Delhi

Mawlong, Treibor and Mukherjee create an experience inspired by the mundane. The workshop will help you draw attention to texture and scale, using mark-making with a pen, brush, ink, or croquil nib. Experiment with paper cutouts and negative space in your artwork in this unique workshop.


6. The Firing Line by Kristine Michael

Date: Until 14th Jan

Location: Triveni Kala Sangam

The Firing Line, curated by Kristine Michael, is the first exhibition at the gallery after the COVID-19 pandemic. It showcases seven contemporary artists from India who use the medium as a vehicle of expression.


7. Offline Traditional Art Workshops by MeMeraki

Date: 28th, 29th January 

Location: Kunzum, DT Mega Mall


Offline Art Workshops in Delhi January 2023: MeMeraki

MeMeraki is conducting a series of in-person workshops featuring various traditional arts hosted by generational master artists. The workshops will be conducted at Kunzum, DT Mega Mall. Learn new techniques and explore your own skills in these fun hands-on workshops.


8. Creative Illusions Art Show

  Date: 04 Jan - 01 Feb 2023

 Location: Art Life Gallery: Noida


The Creative Illusions Art show will feature art from some of the most famous illusions of artists like M.C. Escher, Baru, and others, as well as works from some emerging artists. The exhibit plays with lights, shapes and perspective, and will make for a fun outing with some friends!



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