Sustainable Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship

As the festival of lights approaches, let's pledge to celebrate responsibly and sustainably! This Diwali, enrich your corporate gifting with choices that honour both tradition and our planet. At Memeraki, our collection includes a range of unique and handcrafted products that showcase the specialties of local cultures, celebrating their history, traditions, and people. From charming folk souvenirs to exquisite hand-painted artworks, our products as gifts are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. 

Here are some sustainable gifting ideas to make a lasting impression without leaving a lasting imprint on the environment:


1. Handmade Diyas

A set of beautiful handcrafted diyas are a beautiful confluence of tradition, artistry, and sustainability and is crafted using the cherished old-age techniques from India.  This set of blue pottery diyas are beautifully made in Jaipur and adorned with intricate hand-painted motifs. Unlike standard pottery, blue pottery is created primarily using quartz, significantly reducing the strain on our precious riverbeds. Additionally, being handcrafted, it supports skilled artisans and reduces mass production waste. In a festival that celebrates light, choosing such sustainable diyas ensures you're casting a glow that's kind both to the environment and our shared heritage! You can also find many more Diya options here that will surely be a hit at the office!



Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship



Handcrafted with care and designed for reusability, this Sheesham wood-carved tea light set adds thoughtfulness to the Diwali festivities! These tea lights compose a symphony of radiant illumination that captivates from afar, and the beautiful intricacies unveil upon closer look! Crafted from Sheesham Wood, known for its durability and distinctive grain, this collection of 5 tea lights comes in various shapes—round, square, leaf, paisley, and palm—offering a long lasting aesthetic appeal that can be used throughout the year to light up your team’s home!


2. Coasters


Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship


Coasters make an excellent corporate Diwali gift because they are not only practical but also versatile. They offer a stylish way to protect surfaces from drink stains while allowing companies to customize them with their logo or a festive Diwali design, making them a thoughtful and branding-friendly present for clients and employees alike. These exquisite coasters crafted by artist Narmada Devi and skillfully brought to life by the artisans of Jiyo's Madhubani painting cluster, Shilp Sangha, this cooperative is nestled in the serene Ranti village within Bihar's Mithila district, weaves together the region's cultural heritage with a commitment to sustainability. Each coaster is not only a work of art but also a testament to our eco-conscious values, as they are created with materials and methods that minimise environmental impact.


3. Painted Plates

The versatility of decorative plates ensures they can be cherished as keepsakes or used to enhance the aesthetics of a workspace, making them a thoughtful and meaningful gesture of appreciation during the Diwali season. The MeMeraki collection offers a range of meticulously handcrafted decor plates and this particular plate captures the spirit of Diwali showcasing women in traditional attire under the radiant glow of diyas. These diyas signify the triumph of light over darkness and the victory of good over evil.  Simultaneously, women play a prominent role, infusing spaces with their creativity, nurturing energy, and resilient spirit that contributes to society's well-being. Their artistic talents in crafting home decor, intricate rangoli designs, and delectable sweets represent the powerful feminine force that fosters harmony and joy during Diwali.


Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship


This unique art form is known as Tikuli art, a tradition with a history of over 800 years originating from Patna, Bihar. It reflects sustainability and ingenuity, transitioning from its origins as an embellishment adorned with precious stones to its modern expression on plates. These plates adorned with Tikuli art serve as exquisite Diwali gifts, embodying a fusion of tradition, sustainability, and artistry. By presenting these plates, you not only honour national cultural heritage but also offer a heartfelt gesture that commemorates Diwali's spirit while appreciating the invaluable contributions of women who play an essential role in brightening our lives.


4. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes make for a wonderful corporate Diwali gift due to their symbolic significance and soothing presence. These melodic ornaments not only create a tranquil ambiance but also symbolize positive energy, making them a thoughtful gesture for clients and employees. As the gentle chimes sway in the breeze, they evoke a sense of peace and harmony, aligning perfectly with the spirit of Diwali, a festival that celebrates the triumph of light and goodness.


Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship


This exquisite wind chime celebrates the synergy of natural elements. In this creation, the art of wood-burning is embraced — a technique that highlights the rich, natural textures of the wood, giving it a unique character while preserving the essence of the raw material. Accentuating the wooden piece are copper bells, a material cherished not only for its melodious quality but also for its longevity and recyclability, aligning with a sustainable lifestyle. The wind chime artfully portrays two songbirds perched on a beautifully detailed branch, from which the bells hang gracefully as a gentle breeze brings it to life!  Rooted deeply in both Feng Shui and Vaastu, wind chimes are believed to be bearers of good luck, health, and happiness, acting as a magnet for positive energy especially during festive occasions like Holi and Diwali. 


5. Sabai Baskets

This Sabai handmade basket is a beautiful blend of craftsmanship and eco-conscious living with our exclusive 'Jiyo for MeMeraki' range, featuring a limited edition collection of handcrafted Sabai Grass products. Presenting a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation, this line of products redefines sustainable luxury, offering an exquisite touch to your festive celebrations.



Sustainable Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship



Be it as a centrepiece for your dinner table, holding warm rotis in a woven basket or as a unique, eco-friendly packaging option for your gifts (where you can fill each of these baskets with yummy diwali sweets!). Harvested in the tribal regions of North Odisha, the renowned Mayaurbhanj Bobei Ghasa or Sabai Grass is a natural fiber, celebrated for its versatility and robustness. It  has been a staple in the daily lives of traditional communities, who have ingeniously used it for crafting ropes without imposing any burden on the environment. Now, with a renewed perspective, the skilled artisans from the villages of Mayurbhanj, collaborating with the visionary designer Pankaj Saroj, have breathed new life into Sabai Grass creations. Adopting a scientific and aesthetic approach to product design, they have unveiled the 'Tedha Medha' range that meets the evolving preferences of a global clientele who appreciate conscious living. On the MeMeraki website you will find a host of 


6. DIY Arts & Crafts

This is an intriguing Diwali gift concept—how about engaging your entire team in the creation of captivating artworks? MeMeraki masterclasses and Live Workshops (check calendar here) d innovative experience during the festive season. This endeavour not only allows them to delve into their artistic potential but also cultivates a sense of unity and teamwork within the group. MeMeraki's array of traditional Indian masterclasses encompasses diverse art forms  including painting, pottery, and crafting. Organising a virtual session where a skilled artist guides your team through each step of the process ensures that everyone, regardless of their artistic background, can participate and craft something beautiful.


Sustainable Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship


As an example, the Madhubani Masterclass kit's environmentally conscious materials emphasise a dedication to sustainable artistic practices. The utilisation of handmade paper fashioned from recycled materials lessens environmental impact. The incorporation of a traditional Madhubani nib, a reusable brush, and naturally sourced colours from sindoor, turmeric powder, and charcoal eliminates the need for synthetic dyes, prioritising natural alternatives. By merging the MeMeraki masterclasses with the eco-friendly Madhubani Masterclass kit, you forge a meaningful and lasting Diwali celebration with your team. This gift idea captures the spirit of the festive season, fostering creativity, collaboration, and environmental consciousness. 


7. Traditional Games

Handmade games crafted by local artisans make for a truly special corporate gift selection for Diwali. These artisanal creations exemplify the rich cultural heritage of India and reflect the craftsmanship passed down through generations. Take, for instance, Tic-Tac-Toe by Syed Jalal Parveez, a stunning piece of Channapatna craftsmanship. Its vibrant colors and intricate design showcase the traditional artistry of Channapatna toys, making it a unique and eye-catching gift.

Similarly, the Snake and Ladder and Ludo paper craft games by Robin are perfect examples of blending modern entertainment with age-old techniques. These games not only provide hours of enjoyment but also highlight the meticulous skill involved in transforming paper into functional pieces of art.


Sustainable Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship


These classic games crafted with a slow production approach and materials like wood and paper not only offer a sustainable alternative to plastic games but also promise enduring entertainment, reducing the need for disposable plastic toys and contributing to a greener and longer-lasting playtime. Not just this, but games serve as a versatile and inclusive gift that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, making them an ideal choice for spreading the Diwali spirit within the corporate world.


8. Artworks

Handmade paintings by local artisans serve as an exceptional corporate gift choice for Diwali. These artworks encapsulate the essence of the festival, symbolizing the celebration of light and culture. The "Tanjore Shubh Labh for Diwali" painting adorned with 24K gold sheets, for instance, beautifully captures the opulence and spirituality of Diwali, making it a luxurious and meaningful gift.

Similarly, pieces like "Enchanting Flutters," a Mughal miniature postcard by Mohan Prajapati, and "Aesthetic Spectacle," an Aipan art on a wooden easel by Ruchi Nainwal, capture the essence of Indian artistry and nature's beauty. Meanwhile, "Tribal Women Carrying Water," a Warli art by Dilip Bahotha, highlights the rich cultural diversity and traditions of India's tribes.


Sustainable Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship


Gifting a handmade painting signifies a deep appreciation for art and culture, and it allows you to share the beauty and heritage of India with your corporate associates. Moreover, you can choose different paintings for different employees, personalizing the gift to reflect their unique tastes and preferences, or select a different one for each department, each carrying a distinct message and goal tailored to inspire and motivate each team. Such gifts will not only adorn their spaces but also serve as a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness and appreciation for the festive season.


9. Papier Mache Boxes

A handmade trinket box crafted by local artisans is an excellent corporate gift choice for Diwali. These meticulously designed boxes offer a perfect blend of functionality and artistic flair. The "Paper Mache Box" collection by Riyaz exemplifies this beautifully. Each piece is a testament to the artisan's skill, showcasing intricate designs and vibrant colors that resonate with the festive spirit.


Sustainable Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship


Gifting a trinket box is a thoughtful choice as it provides a practical storage solution for small treasures and mementos. It also serves as a symbol of appreciation for the recipient, offering them a place to store cherished memories and keepsakes. Moreover, papier mache products make for a sustainable gift due to their eco-friendly production process which utilizes recycled paper and natural materials. Opting to champion local artisans and gifting these intricate trinket boxes to your members of staff allows you to not just mark the festival, but also strengthen the bond with the timeless traditions and craftsmanship that imbue Diwali with its unique charm.


10. Sculptures

Handmade sculptures by local artisans make for a captivating corporate gift selection for Diwali. Decorative sculptures, like the "Eyes of Enigma Terracotta Owl Sculpture" by Dolon Kundu, the "Blue Splendour Divine Deity" by Prithvi Kumawat, or the charming "Stick Dolls" by Sawant Bhonsle, are not just pieces of art; they are embodiments of culture and craftsmanship.


Sustainable Corporate Diwali Gifts Supporting Local Craftsmanship


Gifting a decorative sculpture is a wonderful idea as it offers a timeless piece of art that can be proudly displayed in the recipient's home or workspace. These sculptures often carry deep cultural and spiritual significance, aligning perfectly with the religious and cultural symbols of Diwali. 


In a world increasingly driven by sustainability and a deep appreciation for local traditions, the choice to gift sustainable corporate Diwali gifts that support local craftsmanship is a testament to conscious celebration. These gifts not only reflect the essence of Diwali but also contribute to the livelihoods of skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into their creations. By embracing sustainable and locally sourced gifts, we not only honor our rich cultural heritage but also pave the way for a brighter, more interconnected future. As we exchange these meaningful tokens of appreciation, we illuminate not only our own spaces but also the lives of those who craft them. This Diwali, let us cherish the joy of giving while nurturing the spirit of sustainability and solidarity.



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