Creating a Folk Feature Wall: Gond Art

This series is all about incorporating the vibrant and unique world of Indian folk and traditional art into your home decor through a well-crafted feature wall. In each article, we'll provide you with styling, positioning, and color matching tips to help you create a stunning and personalized space. Stay tuned for more!


Gond art, originating mainly from Madhya Pradesh, is a beautiful art form that is famous for its unique style and use of bright colours such as white, red, blue, and yellow. This art form often features animals, reflecting the close relationship that people who are rooted in their culture and religion have with nature. Incorporating Gond animal paintings in your home decor can add an extra touch of uniqueness and creativity to your space.


One of the most significant benefits of using Gond animal paintings in your home is that it supports the livelihood of Gond artists who work hard to keep this beautiful art form alive. By displaying their art in your home, you help to sustain the art and support the artists.


If you're wondering how to style your Gond animal paintings, there are many ways to do it. For instance, you can make the paintings the focus of a blank wall in a light-colored room. If you have a plain mirror, you can keep it in the middle of the wall and surround it with the paintings. This technique will create an impressive focal point and add character to your space.


Feature Wall: Indian Home Decor | Buy Gond Art Paintings

Transforming our space with the bold and captivating designs of Gond animal art


Another great idea is to use Gond animal paintings in your children's room. Since the paintings feature animals, they are perfect for capturing their imagination and adding a playful touch to the room. This can help your child appreciate colors and art from an early age.


Children's Room: Indian Home Decor | Buy Gond Art Paintings

 Add a playful touch to your child's room with colorful Gond art animal paintings


If you are working with a wooden and earthy tone aesthetic, using Gond animal paintings can add a pop of color that complements the simple aesthetic of your space. This can be a great way to add some personality to your decor.


Watch this space for the next part in the series as we explore more ways to incorporate Indian folk and traditional art into your home decor. We'll be diving into a unique style that's sure to inspire you!




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