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Open 10:30am
Close 8:00pm

For the first time ever in Hong Kong on January 18, 2020, we present a one-day festival dedicated to women in Indian fine arts! Featuring a day full of live performances, exhibitions and workshops, the festival presents a cornucopia of talent in folk and classical music and dance, painting and handicrafts from all over India. Day passes at $380 ($280 for Asia Society members) include all exhibitions, performances and tasty delicacies.

Performances include the foot-tapping power-packed folk ballads and Sufi songs of YouTube sensation Maithili Thakur, the elegance and graceful dance of the Manipur Jagoi Marup troupe, and the soul-stirring Hindustani vocals of rising star Tejashree Amonkar. Exhibitions and workshops include the breathtaking handmade Thangka art of Krisha Tashi Palmo from Ladakh, and the intricate Madhubani paintings of Pratima Bharati. Please contact yosha.gupta@memeraki.com or +85261240927 if you want to see the catalogue of paintings exhibited. 

Jointly produced by In Harmony Arts & Culture Ltd. and Asia Society Hong Kong Center, and curated by MeMeraki.

一個以表揚印度女性藝術家為主題的藝穗,將於2020 年1月8日, 在香港Asia Society Hong Kong Centre首度舉行。 是次藝術節的表演節目,匯集了來自印度各地的民間和古典音樂、舞蹈、繪畫和手工藝人才, 內容包括現場表演、展覽和工作坊。一日通門票為 港幣$380 (Asia Society 會員為$280)。 購票從速!


以演出印度腳踏民謠和流行Sufi曲目, 在YouTube頻道享負盛名的音樂奇才 Maithili Thakur、Manipur Jagoi Marup troupe 高貴優美的舞蹈表演、新晉歌手 Tejashree Amonkar 娓娓動人的 Hindustan 演唱。 展覽和工作坊包括來自Lafakh 的Krisha Tashi Palmo,令人驚歎的Thangka 手工藝術 以及Pratima Nharati 錯綜複雜的繪畫作品。


10: 30 AM – 8 PM       Madhubani Paintings and Thangka Art


2:00 PM                        Folk & Sufi Music Performance by Maithili Thakur & Family

4:00 PM                        Manipuri Dance by the Manipuri Jagoi Marup Troupe

6:30 PM                        Hindustani Vocal Performance by Tejashree Amonkar

Delicious food available throughout the day!



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