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What a beautiful start to this year with Kathaa! Anil Vangad, Apindra Swain, Venkat Shyam and Ranjeet Jha - thank you for coming to Hong Kong and telling your stories on the walls of this city in this beautiful collaboration between Memeraki and HKWalls.

We have been truly amazed at the power of art in bringing together so many people - the number of people who have literally left everything they were doing during this week to be able to paint Indian Art wall murals with our artists was staggering and the biggest testimony to that was the absolutely stunning Madhubani rendition of Hong Kong skyline that has been painted at Bharat Bhawan (official residence of Indian Consul-General) that was impossible to achieve for one artist in 6 days but together so many local Indian Artists and volunteers contributed and worked together with our Madhubani artist Ranjeet Jha to make this a reality.

Here's where you can see all the walls

1. Bharat Bhawan, 22 Blacks Link, Link Estate , Deep Water Bay Road. This wall has been painted by Ranjeet Jha (Madhubani Artist) and a number of volunteers some of whom are local artists in Hong Kong (Shweta Rastogi, Dagli Rajul Mehta, Riddhi Kothari Mehta, Dolly Sheth Shah, Rajshree Khairnar, Seemaa Hiranandani, Garima jain, Mayura, Shraddha Jain, Aditi Parikh, Prajakta Nayak, Niyati Kapadia, Rini, Sharmila, Bhagya, Neha, Harsha, Devanshi, Deepti, Chhavi, Amruta, Lakshmi, Paru, Ayesha, Rashmi and many others)

Bharat Bhawan Hong Kong
bharat bhawan hong kong

Bharat bhawan tree of life hong kong

bharat bhawan madhubani hong kong

2. Treehouse, Shop 1, Ground Floor, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central.This wall has been painted by Apindra Swain (Pattachitra Artist)

Tree of life at Treehouse Hong Kong

Tree of life at Treehouse Hong Kong

3Teakha, Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan St, Sheung Wan. This wall has been painted by Venkat Shyam (Gond Artist).

Chaiwala at Teakha hong kong
Teapicker at Teakha Hong Kong

4. Sabor, G/F, 36  High Street, Sai Ying Pun. This wall has been painted by Anil Vangad (Warli Artist).

Tree of Life warli at Sabor Cafe hong kong

5. Gunpowder, G/F, J Residence, 18 Ship St, Wan Chai.This wall has been painted by Venkat Shyam (Gond Artist).

Tree of life at Gunpowder hong kong

A big thank you to our amazing Consul-General of India Priyanka Chauhan for supporting this event and for offering this wall for the madhubani mural and then selecting an artwork like the Hong Kong skyline which lent itself well for so many people to work together and to the entire team of the Consulate General of India. And to Mrs. Shroff and Ranoo Wasan for believing in us and helping make this a reality with their generous support. And to all of our supporting partners - Mayfare Group, Gaylord, Gunpowder, InHarmony Arts and Culture, Spic Macay and India by the Bay.

Until next year Hong Kong, see you at #Kathaahk again!



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