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Writer's Note: This work is a culmination of an idea we have been working on for quite some time - a start at putting together all of India's rich folk arts in one place on a map. The more time we spent time researching, the more deeply we started thinking how much more there is to do in terms of covering our rich artistic heritage. We've only just scratched the surface!  
[Note: This map is work in progress, please write to us if you have suggestions, additions or contestations regarding the information at We have intentionally focused more on folk arts and not folk crafts (although  we could find more crafts rather than arts for states like Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Mizoram). Our next attempt will be at mapping traditional crafts, instruments and folk music in India!


Map of Indian Art Forms

There is so much to see and do in India, from ancient temples to vibrant markets, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different things to do. However, one of the most neglected part of Indian culture(s) in modern times is its folk art, also known as tribal art or village crafts depending on the community that practices it.

What is Indian folk art? Indian Folk Art is a body of art form that originated and/or developed in India. Some of the forms are rock paintings, textiles, sculptures and other a diverse range of surface paintings made by various tribal and cultural groups for religious or social reasons. 

Folk Art Map of India: MeMeraki

Here's the list of all Folk Art Crafts & Paintings:  

 State/Union Territory Folk Art Forms 
Leh Ladhakh
  • Thangka Paintings
  • Sikh School of Art
  • Mudwall Painting or Chowk Poorana
Arunachal Pradesh
  • Thangka
  • Rajput school of wall painting found in Haryana, Kalayat and Kaithal
  • Rohtak paintings
  • Nagaland Cloth Paintings
  • Goa Folk Art
  • Chittara
  • Ganjifa Art
  • Mysore style
  • Samavasaran
  • Assamese Scroll paintings
  • Assam Folk Paintings
Jammu and Kashmir
  • Paper Mache
  • Basholi
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
  • Garhwal School of Art
  • Aipan
  • Peeth
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • Warli
Daman and Diu
  • Warli
  • Shell Craft from Lakshwadeep
  • Manipur Stone Black Pottery
  • Wood Carving from Manipur
  • Kurt & Bamboo Craft 
  • Cane work from Mizoram
  • Bamboo work from Tripura
  • Thangka paintings Sikkim
  • Puducherry Bommai
Andhra Pradesh
  • Kalamkari
  • Leather Puppetry
  • Tirupati School of Painting
  • Adivasi Kolam Painting
  • Pattachitra
  • Chitrapothi
  • Mural paintings
  • Saura
  • Santhal
  • Madhubani
  • Mica
  • Santhal
  • Manjusha Patna Qalam or Patna School of Painting
  • Dokra
  • Pithora
  • Godhna
  • Wrought Iron or Loha Shilp
Madhya Pradesh
  • Patua
  • Chaksudan
  • Terracotta Plate Work
  • Folk paintings from Midnapore
  • Kalighat paintings
  • Bengal Scroll
  • Chadar Badar
  • Santhal Puppetry
  • Dhokra Art
  • Paitkar
  • Jadopatia Paintings
  • Sohrai Art
  • Kohver Art
  • Ganju Art
  • Rana, Teli and Prajapati Art
  • Kurmi Art
  • Mundas Art
  • Turi art
  • Birhor and Bhuiya Art
  • Ghatwal art


Indian folk art, with its diverse styles and techniques, reflects the collective history, traditions, and aspirations of communities. It showcases the creative intellect of people and their intelligence in adapting indigenous resources into expressive art forms. These art forms, rooted in the daily lives and rituals of the people, not only preserve cultural narratives but also celebrate the resourcefulness and artistic ingenuity of local communities.

There are art forms that go back thousands of years, and feature belief in gods, goddesses and powerful spirits. The magic and mystic of India comes alive through these crafts, which have been passed down for centuries. If you're interested in ancient folklore, mythology and religion, Indian folk art is the perfect choice for you!

For the first time in India, learn traditional Indian folk art and crafts at MeMeraki from anywhere in the world. Wether you are in India, Japan, France, or the UK, learn step by step how to draw various designs and make unique works of art on your own - all online!

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