Noise of India: Celebrating Culture Through Smartwatch Watchfaces

We are thrilled to announce our association with the "Noise of India" campaign, a unique and inspiring initiative that merges technology with the rich tapestry of Indian folk art. This Independence Day, Memeraki proudly collaborates with Noise, a trailblazing name in the world of smartwatches, and Mr. Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya, a distinguished Art Curator, to bring you an unparalleled celebration of Indian culture and heritage.

Our Vision: Showcasing India's Vibrant Folk Art Heritage

The "Noise of India" campaign is not just a venture; it's a journey to amplify and celebrate the essence of India's diverse folk art forms. Our shared goal is to pay homage to these captivating artistic expressions by converting them into exquisite watchfaces for smartwatches. By adorning your wrist with these watchfaces, you proudly display your connection to the heartbeat of India while commemorating its most significant day.



Our Artists: A Diverse Cohort

In the vibrant tapestry of the "Noise of India" campaign, artists from Memeraki have lent their extraordinary talents to create an awe-inspiring fusion of culture and technology. With unwavering dedication and unmatched skill, each artist has breathed life into their respective art forms. Kalyan Joshi weaves the intricate tales of Phad, Siva Reddy brings forth the mesmerizing charm of Kalamkari, and Sanjay Tandekar meticulously adorns the canvas with Tanjore brilliance. Ambika Devi's nimble strokes reimagine the essence of Madhubani, while Riyaz Khan crafts wonders with Paper Mache. Mohan Prajapati's Mughal Miniatures stand as a testament to his craftsmanship, and Mohan Verma's Sanjhi unfolds like a delicate symphony. Manoranjan Chittrakar captures the spirit of Kalighat, and Venkat Raman Shyam's Gond art is a celebration of nature. Kailash Pradhan and Meenakshi lend their skills to Gond and Aipan, while Nalemitha's Lippan Kaam dazzles with intricate patterns. Adarsh's Kerala Mural, Kanday Anjanappa's Tholu Bommalata, and Sai Kiran's Cheriyal Scroll grace the campaign with their distinct narratives. Krishna Tashi Palmo's Thangka adds a spiritual touch, Priti Karn's Godhana exudes tradition, and Mridu ji's Assamese scroll completes this remarkable ensemble. These artists, each a virtuoso in their own right, have united their creativity to adorn smartwatch faces with the soulful hues of India's folk art heritage.



Gallery of Artistry: A Visual Journey

To give you a glimpse of the visual wonders that await, we have attached a compilation of the artworks that have been lovingly curated for this campaign. Each stroke of the brush tells a story, each color evokes an emotion, and each piece is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India.




Join us in making some resounding noise this Independence Day as we come together to celebrate India's artistic heritage, one watchface at a time.




"As a 'culture-tech' platform, our mission has been to leverage technology to create a strong digital voice and presence for our master artists, and this collaboration with Noise does just that. There is something so beautifully poignant about seeing such 'timeless art' everytime you look at your wrist to catch the time! Very excited about this collaboration and cannot wait for millions more Indians to rediscover India's heritage through 'Noise of India' " 

– Yosha Gupta, Founder



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