The Tales of Lord Krishna: Stories for Kids
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The eighth incarnation of Vishnu, son of Devaki and Vasudev, Lord Krishna is one of the most revered deities in the Hindu mythology. From being one of the prime deities to be worshipped to being the only deity to have played a vital role in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Lord Krishna’s legends and stories have been of interest and curiosity amongst people since time immemorial. 

His many adventures as a child as well as an adult have been chronicled in many ancient and religious manuscripts. They have been a source of learning and guidance for many. 

Here we have compiled a list of some interesting stories of Lord Krishna for your tiny ones to enjoy and gain knowledge from. 

Story of Lord Krishna’s Birth


Depiction of Vasudeva 


The story of Krishna’s birth is an interesting tale mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana and the Hindu epic Mahabharata

About 5000 years ago, there existed the reign of a cruel king named Kansa. The subjects of his kingdom lived their lives in fear as Kansa would often use merciless ways to rule over them. 

Kansa was especially cruel towards his sister, Devaki and her husband Vasudeva as it was prophesied that their child would one day kill Kamsa and bring peace. To avoid the prophecy from coming true, Kansa had killed their seven newborns. When Devaki gave birth to their eighth child, a beautiful boy, Krishna, Vasudeva was told by the divine gods to carry the child across the Yamuna river and leave him in the care of Yashoda and Nand in Gokul. 

Therefore, in the middle of the night, Vasudeva carried baby Krishna out of the prison while the guards seemed to be in a deep slumber. In the midst of a stormy night, with great thunder, lightning, and strong downpour, Vasudeva carried the baby wrapped in a small basket, bravely encountering the stormy waters of the Yamuna river. He decided to walk in the river to cross it, keeping baby Krishna over his head. As he started walking, the heavy rain was drenching Vasudeva and baby Krishna. Suddenly a multi-headed snake, Shesha Nag appeared and sheltered baby Krishna and Vasudeva.

Having crossed the river, Vasudeva replaced the baby beside Yashoda and Nand, with baby Krishna. He took the other baby, a girl, who was none other than divine Yogamaya, back to the prison. 

This is how Lord Krishna was born and was saved from the cruel king Kansa. 

Lord Krishna and the Tale of the Govardhan Hill 


Govardhan Leela 


The villagers of Vrindavan used to appease Lord Indra every year and give him offerings. A young Lord Krishna saw this and questioned the villagers for this practice. He suggested that instead of offering prayers to Lord Indra, the villagers should pay attention to their duties and work hard on their farms. He explained that this is the right meaning of their ‘Dharma’ (the right conduct and way of living). 

Convinced by Lord Krishna, the villagers stopped giving their offerings to Lord Indra and began working in their fields. Angered by this treatment, Lord Indra cursed Vrindavan with a huge storm which resulted in torrential rains and flooding. Troubled by this disaster, the villagers approached Lord Krishna for help. 

Wanting to help the villagers, Lord Krishna then lifted the Govardhan hill with his left hand’s little finger. This sheltered the villagers from the heavy rain and floods, which went on relentlessly for seven days and seven nights. 

Eventually, Lord Indra realised his mistake and stopped the rains. 

Krishna and the demon Aristasura 


Brushstrokes of Devotion: Krishna’s Journey


While playing with his friends, Krishna encountered a demon in the shape of a giant bull scaring the villagers of Vrindavan. People ran away from the demon in a state of panic . 

Krishna decided to help the villagers and face the demon. The demonic bull, Aristasura was sent by his cruel Uncle, Kansa when he realised that Devaki and Vasudeva had managed to save their eighth child–Krishna and that he was living somewhere in his empire. 

After a brutal battle with Aristasura, Krishna killed him and saved the villagers from the mighty threat. After being killed at the hands of Lord Krishna, the soul of Aristasura comes out of the body of the bull and bows to Lord Krishna. Aristasura then told Lord Krishna how he was cursed to become a demon for not respecting his guru (teacher) Lord Brihaspati. 

Krishna kills the cruel Kansa


Krishna’s Saga


After years of plotting to kill Lord Krishna by sending asuras (demons) in search of him, Kansa devises another plan to kill Lord Krishna. He takes the help of a mighty and fearful wrestler, Chanura. 

Lord Krishna finds himself being confronted with Chanura. After a fierce battle with the giant wrestler, Lord Krishna finally defeats and kills him. 

Having vanquished Chanura, Lord Krishna then challenged the cruel Kansa. Holding him by his hair and pulling him down, Lord Krishna ends the tyrannical reign of Kansa by beheading him with his sword. 

This is how Lord Krishna fulfils the prophecy and his destiny. The subjects of Kansa’s kingdom rejoice with the death of Kansa and offer their gratitude in reverence to Lord Krishna. 



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