Unleash the Power of Hanuman: 3 Must-Tell Stories for Kids

Hanuman ji, the monkey god, is one of the most loved and revered figures in Hindu mythology. Known for his immense strength, intelligence, and devotion, Hanuman is a popular deity who is often worshipped by people seeking his blessings for success, protection, and well-being. However, Hanuman is not just a powerful god; he is also a symbol of many virtues that we can all learn from, including courage, loyalty, and humility.

In this article, we will share three short stories of Hanuman that are perfect for kids. These stories are not only entertaining but also contain valuable lessons that can help instill good values in children. Through the stories, kids will learn about the importance of bravery, wisdom, and perseverance, as well as the power of faith and devotion. So, whether you are a parent, teacher, or someone who wants to introduce children to the wonderful world of mythology, these Hanuman stories are sure to delight and inspire young minds.


The School of the Sun: Hanuman's Journey to Education


The School of the Sun: Hanuman's Journey to Education


Today, children are urged to study diligently and receive a proper education, recognizing its significance for their future by their parents. Education has been crucial not only in contemporary times, but also throughout history. Hanuman, for instance, appreciated the value of education. He desired to educate himself, selecting Lord Surya, the sun God, as his mentor.

Although Surya realized the importance of education, he refused to be Hanuman's mentor. He said that he was too preoccupied riding across the sky during the day and was too weary at night. Hanuman, however, persevered and suggested a solution: he would ride with Surya every day, facing him from dawn to dusk as they rode together.

Surya was awed by Hanuman's determination, and agreed to this arrangement. Hanuman rode in front of Surya's chariot every day until he became proficient in the four books of knowledge (the Vedas), the six systems of philosophy (Darshanas), the sixty-four arts or Kalas, and the one hundred and eight occult mysteries of the Tantras.

Once Hanuman had completed his studies, it was time for him to repay his debt to his mentor. Surya refused to take anything, but Hanuman insisted, so Surya asked Hanuman to watch over his son Sugriva, the stepbrother of Bali, the king of monkeys. Surya commended Hanuman once again for his persistence in learning.

It is said that Surya's teachings and blessings made Hanuman the powerful and wise deity that he is known as today. This story teaches us to honor and be determined towards our academic ambitions, as they serve to build our future and enhance our lives. It also highlights the importance of respecting and appreciating those who motivate us to pursue education.


How Hanuman Got His Monkey Face


How Hanuman Got His Monkey Face: Hanuman Stories for Children


Have you ever wondered how Hanuman, the son of the celestial nymph Anjana and the god of wind, ended up with a monkey face? Well, there's a story behind it. As a child, Anjana once laughed at a monkey she saw meditating in a lotus position, not realizing it was a sage in deep meditation. Her laughter disturbed the sage, who became angry and cursed her that her face would turn into a monkey face when she fell in love with someone. Despite her begging for forgiveness, the sage could not take back the curse, but he told her that it would transfer to her child if she gave birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Years later, while Anjana was in a forest picking flowers, she fell in love with a man who was actually the king of monkeys and a blessed servant of Lord Shiva. She accepted his proposal and married him, and eventually prayed to Lord Shiva to bless her with a child and lift the curse. During this time, the king of Ayodhya was performing a yagna to have children, and a kite flew off with a portion of the pudding meant for his first wife, Kaushalya, and dropped it in the forest where Anjana was praying. She ate the pudding, and later gave birth to Anjaneyan, the son of Anjana, who was also known as Hanuman.

This story teaches us to treat all living beings with respect and not to mock anyone for their appearance. We cannot choose the form we are born in, and we should never judge others based on their appearance. What we give is what we get in the end.


Hanuman's Musical Journey


Musical Journey: Hanuman Stories for Children


Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there lived a mischievous monkey named Hanuman. Hanuman loved to play pranks on other animals and was always up to some sort of mischief.

One day, Hanuman was playing near the river when he heard beautiful music coming from the forest. He followed the sound and saw a sage named Narada Muni playing a musical instrument called a vina.

The music was so enchanting that Hanuman forgot about all his pranks and mischiefs. He was so mesmerized by the music that he asked Narada Muni to teach him how to play the vina.

Narada Muni was delighted by Hanuman's request and agreed to teach him. But he warned Hanuman that playing the vina was not an easy task and required a lot of dedication and hard work.

Hanuman was determined to learn the vina and practiced every day. He would wake up early in the morning and practice until late at night. He was so focused that he forgot about all his other activities and even forgot to eat.

One day, after several months of practice, Hanuman felt confident enough to play in front of Narada Muni. He played with all his heart and soul, but Narada Muni was not impressed.

Narada Muni told Hanuman that his playing lacked devotion and that he needed to play with love and devotion for Lord Rama. Hanuman realized that Narada Muni was right and decided to play the vina with devotion for Lord Rama.

Hanuman began to play with love and devotion, and soon his music became so enchanting that even the animals of the forest would gather around to listen. And from that day on, Hanuman's music was known throughout the land.

Hanuman realized that he had discovered a new way to serve Lord Rama, and he was grateful to Narada Muni for teaching him the importance of devotion.

The lesson Hanuman learned was that anything can be accomplished if one is dedicated and has the right intention. And he used his new-found talent to spread love and devotion for Lord Rama throughout the land.


By learning about these instances from Lord Hanuman’s life, children can be inspired to become kinder, braver, and more compassionate individuals. As they grow up, they can carry these lessons with them, becoming the heroes of their own stories, just like Hanuman.



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