You HAVE to visit this Festival in India!

Camels have been an important part of the desert lifestyle for ages. If it weren’t for these humped creatures, living would indeed be a struggle for our desert dwelling brethren.

It is human nature that to celebrate life in whatever way possible. Sometimes, we celebrate those who have aided human civilisation. The Camel Festival in Rajasthan functions as a way for locals to express gratitude to their beloved animal, while showcasing the rich indigenous culture of Rajasthan that is heavily dependent on them. 

Initiated by the Department of Tourism in Rajasthan, this festival is held in the city of Bikaner every year. It is one of the numerous windows through which we get a glimpse of the richness and vibrancy of the largest state in India.

Not Just Another Animal


Camel Festival, Rajasthan


Camels are majestic creatures that are strong and fascinating. When you think of deserts, you think of camels and vice versa. If you have had the chance to go on a family holiday in Rajasthan, then you must have ridden a camel. Except, it’s less of a Hum Saath Saath Hai experience, but more... holding on to dear life at the mercy of this four-legged giant as your parents try to click the perfect photo for their Facebook family holiday album!

Not just in India, but camels have been an integral part of the cultural, economic and social lives of people in Egypt, China and even Somalia. They are so mighty that they have even been used in wars in these nations!

The Camel Festival in Rajasthan


Camel Festival, Rajasthan


This festival was initially started with the aim to increase tourism in Rajasthan and spread awareness about the local customs and traditions. Apart from that, it is also an homage to the decades old tradition of camel breeding and rearing in the state.

The festival is usually a two-day affair in Bikaner, and is held in the month of January every year. January is a pleasant time to visit Rajasthan, so if you have been thinking of planning a trip to Rajasthan, you should already be on the group chat asking the gang to keep the first month of the year free.

The “ship of the desert” is decorated in full glory and paraded around for viewers to look at and marvel. The parade starts at Junagarh Fort and goes on till the Dr. Karni Singh Stadium. 

The stadium is where the main festival is set up and you have two days to enjoy this cultural carnival. Camel owners bring the best of their broods and showcase them to the audience. Judges evaluate camels based on their looks, sturdiness and receptiveness to their owners. 

There are also various other competitions such as camel milking, fur cutting, and so on. However, the star of the show, apart from the camel of course is the camel dance, wherein you can witness camels swaying to traditional beats and rhythm of Rajasthani folk songs. Bonus – they wear anklets!


Camel Festival, Rajasthan


If you get too excited about it all and want to have your own “main character moment”, there are many competitions for tourists as well! There is tug of war, kabaddi, painting, water pot race, turban tying etc. After taking part in your favourite activities, you can sit back and enjoy the second day’s final acts including music and dance shows, accompanied by a conclusive fireworks show. 

You must be wondering, what about fooooooood? After all, isn’t Rajasthan a true potpourri of good food, music and dance? The Camel Festival has numerous stalls with traditional and fusion foods that will leave your taste buds exhilarated. Staying true to the gist of the festival, there are many traditional sweets and tea made from camel milk as well.

In addition, there are many traditional arts and crafts you can take home as memories from the festival, not just for yourself but your loved ones too!



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