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Riyaz, kashmir paper Mache artist

Riyaz , our Chinar paper mache artist from Kashmir - part artist, greater part philosopher. Spoke about the 'sukoon' (peace) in art. Then amongst other things spoke about the futility of it all , telling us about this bengali anecdote from the time he lived in Kolkata 'sabse poocho kidhar jaana hai- sabka jawab, Howrah jaana hai janab. Ab koi plane se ja raha hai, koi car as, koi train se aur koi chal ke- par pahunchenge toh sabhi Howrah hi na!' (Ask anyone where do you want to go, they say - Howrah. Now someone is going by plane, someone by car, someone by train , someone's walking there, but ultimately everyone is going to reach the same place only!) 

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