Flower Stem Lumba

A bond that goes beyond sisterhood; a bond of protection, of security, and love. Lumbas are a token of love and care, bestowed upon sisters-in-law as they celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Tying a ‘Lumba’ to your bhabhi’s bangle makes sure female bonds of kinship don’t go unnoticed during this festival.

Floral motifs are popular in Tholu Bommalata. A traditional shadow puppetry art from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Today, this unique art form faces extinction as we see the monopolization of virtual forms of media and entertainment.

This Rakhi is made by Kanday Anjanappa, a traditional folk artist who inherited this art from his ancestors. It contains flower motifs on a traditional leather base, painted with watercolors mixed with neem gum.

Please note: This Lumba is made on a leather base traditionally used in Tholu Bommalata art. It needs to be cut from the middle to tie it on the bangle of the receiver. Final design might contain slight variations.