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"But we should not cling! A story of Lord Krishna when he was a cowherd. Every night he invites the milkmaids to dance with him in the forest. They come and they dance. The night is dark, the fire in their midst roars and crackles, the beat of the music gets ever faster - the girls dance and dance and dance with their sweet lord, who has made himself so abundant as to be in the arms of each and every girl. But the moment the girls become possessive, the moment each one imagines that Krishna is her partner alone, he vanishes. So it is that we should not be jealous with God."
~ Yann Martel

A beautiful reminder of the oneness of God with all of us, the dance of Krishna with the Gopi's in the Sattriya style of Assam is captured in this Assamese Scroll painting by Mridu Mouchum.


  • Length 15 inches, height 11.2 inches
  • Tan leather
  • Lining inside , metal fittings
  • Beautiful handmade Ikat cloth lining
  • 1 internal pocket with chain , 1 external pocket with chain, one laptop sleeve inside