Colours of Connection: Vibhuti Nath's Madhubani

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Vibhuti Nath Vibhuti Nath blue-tick
Size : Medium
Dimensions : H: 22 (in) by W: 30 (in)
Medium : Natural Colors on Khadi Recycled Paper

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Vibhuti Nath Jha unveils a mesmerizing masterpiece that beckons viewers into a world of vibrant enchantment. In this painting, he skillfully weaves a tapestry of nature and human connection, portraying a colorful forest teeming with life and the presence of people at one end, creating a captivating tableau of harmony and vibrancy.The focal point of this Madhubani masterpiece is undoubtedly the resplendent forest that dominates the canvas.Each leaf, flower, and creature within this forest appears to be painted with a touch of divine inspiration, radiating life and vitality.These individuals seem to be immersed in the tranquil beauty of the forest, connecting with the vibrant world around them.This Madhubani painting serves as a vivid reminder of the vibrant, interconnected tapestry of life on our planet, where humanity and the environment are woven together in a harmonious dance of existence.

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Vibhuti Nath blue-tick


Vibhuti Nath Jha Ji, a seasoned artist from Madhubani, Bihar, has been immersed in the captivating world of Madhubani art for two decades, inheriting the craft from his grandmother and continuing the legacy with his wife and daughter. Despite completing his education up to the 12th grade, Vibhuti Nath's true passion lies in the vibrant strokes of Madhubani art, which has earned him accolades and recognition on both national and international platforms. From winning the Best Product Award in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi to participating in prestigious exhibitions and projects under governmental bodies like the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Textile, Vibhuti Nath's artistic journey is marked by dedication and acclaim.

Nature serves as a profound muse for Vibhuti Nath, reflecting his deep reverence for the environment and his commitment to raising awareness about its preservation. Whether painting on walls, canvas, fabric, or even T-shirts, his artwork often carries messages about the importance of environmental conservation. Despite facing numerous challenges, including limited opportunities and financial constraints, Vibhuti Nath's dreams extend beyond borders, harboring aspirations of exhibiting his art abroad and sharing the rich heritage of Madhubani art with a global audience. For him, art has evolved from a mere hobby to an intrinsic part of life, driving him to create each day with passion and purpose, regardless of the hurdles he may encounter.


MADHUBANI- THE SWEET & VIBRANT FOREST OF HONEY   Nestled on the India-Nepal border is the small region of Mithila with a rich and vibrant folk history. The women sit with papers stretched out and their paint bottles opened- filled with natural colours made from flowers, fruits and roots, a handmade paintbrush just about to put the first brushstroke on the surface. Mithila paintings are an expression of a woman’s joys, sorrows, her stories, beliefs, songs and routine, all encompassed in a canvas with splendid colors, motifs and symbolisms. Also known as Madhubani paintings, the art form gets its name from the village of Madhubani (‘the forest of honey’ Madhu meaning Honey and Bani as the forest) in Bihar where the tradition of decorating walls and floors of homes and important locations in the village were a norm since ancient times. Said to be the capital city of the Kingdom of Janakpur in the epic Ramayana, King Janaka ordered his kingdom to decorate the town of Mithila for the wedding of his daughter, Sita, to Lord Rama. Resplendent with rich imagery of wedding scenes, nature inspired motifs like fish, peacocks, and the tree of life as symbols of prosperity, fertility, and good luck for the couple, the art form depicts the cultural mosaic of India and the intimate relationship between humans and nature. Madhubani paintings are also a significant symbol of women’s empowerment and societal equality in modern India! Mithila painting, as a domestic ritual activity, was unknown to the outside world until the massive earthquake on India-Nepal border in 1934 when the houses and walls tumbled down and the paintings were discovered and published to the world. The global appreciation of the art form prepared the stage for its rise to the popularity it enjoys today. In the 1960s the region saw a dreadful drought when women of the village from across castes were encouraged to transfer their paintings onto paper and sell them to earn additional income. Mithila Paintings are symbolic of India’s ancient mythology, rich culture and the spirit of life itself, which brings new hopes in even the most torrid times. With vibrant colors, and abstract, symbolic figures, Madhubani today is celebrated world over as one of the revolutionary art forms from India.

Product Details

Colours of Connection: Vibhuti Nath's Madhubani
Vibhuti Nath
Art Style
Natural Colors
22 in(H) X 30 in(W)
Forest, Nature, Tree, Folk Art
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Multicoloured
Country of Origin
Bihar, India

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