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|| Didrikshavo yasya padam sumangalam vimukta-sanga munayah susadhavaha
charanty alok-vratam avranam vane bhutatma-bhutah suhrida sa me gatihi ||
Let the Lord be my refuge, whom the sages, giving up all attachments for worldly attractions, wandering in the forests and performing incessant penances, search for.
~ Excerpt from the Gajendra Moksha Puranic legend.

According to the famous Indian epic- Bhagwada Purana- once, the King elephant Gajendra and his family entered the lotus garden. To cool off, they made their way to the big lake, but as soon as Gajendra dipped his feet a crocodile clutched him and started dragging him into the water. The long and fierce struggle left Gajendra exhausted and finally, staring death in the face, he recalled a hymn and prayed to Lord Vishnu to come to his rescue. This hymn, where the elephant symbolizes his struggle as the sins he may have committed and asks to pay penance is known as the Gajendra Moksha.

Bijay Kumar Parida’s exquisite hand-painted Gajendra bag depicts the playful Gajendra and his friend celebrating in the lotus garden when Lord Vishnu vanquished the alligator. Immerse yourself in tales of epic battles and Puranic symbolism with this iconic ebony handbag!


  • Length 10.5 inches bottom, 17 inches on the tip, height 9 inches, depth 6.5 inches
  • Black leather
  • Lining inside , metal fittings
  • 1 internal pocket with chain , two small pockets without chain