Krishna With Cows Sanjhi Artwork By Ashutosh Verma

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Ashutosh Verma


Ashutosh is a sixth generation artist from Mathura's Verma community who began learning Sanjhi at the age of five. Shri Chain Shuk Das Verma, Ashutosh's great grandfather, began mastering this folk art form approximately 300 years ago, and it has been passed down from generation to generation since then. Ashutosh has been pursuing this art form for 15 years. His family has received State and National prizes for Sanjhi activities, and he, at the age of 20, has applied for a State Award category.


Art Form


The delicate art of papercutting said to have originated from the times of Lord Krishna has evolved over time from the sanctum of the temple to modern home décor – this is Sanjhi. A rare art from Braj. The word Sanjhi means evening or dusk and is more an expression of the devotional love that was unveiled in the temples. It is said to have originated at the time of Lord Krishna when Radha used to create beautiful patterns out of leaves and flowers creating decorations for Krishna. The story goes that following Radha, other Gopis too indulged in the art to impress the lord. Consequently, the art grew in the 16th and 17th centuries when the walls and floors of temples were decorated with Sanjhi.