Madhubani Traditional Art Kit for Madhubani Masterclass

This kit is specially made for the Madhubani Masterclass and prepared in discussion with master artist Priti Karn. Print outs of the artwork taught in the Madhubani Masterclass will also be included in this art kit along with tracing paper if you prefer to trace the artwork

The following materials will be send in this kit:

  • Hand Made paper (White)- 22*30 inches
  • Traditional Madhubani Nib (Pen) with Holder - 1
  • Brush No. 2
  • Colours: Red ( made from Sindoor), Yellow ( made from Turmeric powder , Blue (made from Nil Powder), Black (Made from Kajal), White (made from Clay) - All approximately 50 gms each
  • Gond (Gum) - approximately 100 gms